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3D Animation (15)
3D CAD (139)
3D Designing (62)
3D Visualization (8)
Accounting (23)
AdBlocker (1)
Analytics (4)
Anti Spyware (4)
Antivirus (63)
Audio Processing (67)
Authoring (9)
Backup Recovery (26)
Benchmarking (5)
Bluetooth (1)
BPM Software (1)
browsers (9)
Bug Tracking (3)
Business (16)
CD DVD Tools (34)
Burning (24)
Chat (12)
Chemistry (2)
Circuit Designing (19)
CNC Machines (3)
Compilers (7)
Compression (13)
Construction (1)
Converters (30)
Cost Estimation (1)
Data Recovery (67)
Database (13)
Design (99)
Desktop (25)
Development (129)
Disassembler (1)
Download Managers (27)
Drivers (35)
Education (80)
Electrical Engineering (3)
Electronics (10)
Email (4)
Embroidery (2)
Emulators (10)
Engineering (0)
ERP Systems (3)
File Sharing (12)
Fonts (3)
Game Maker (4)
Graphic Design (122)
Image Managers (5)
Internet (23)
Law (0)
Learning (1)
Management (3)
Maps Creation (7)
Maths (19)
Medical (1)
Multimedia (150)
Music (64)
Navigation (18)
Network (40)
Office Tools (128)
Operating Systems (216)
Photo Editing (73)
Productivity (22)
Religious (2)
Robotics (0)
Security (63)
simulators (40)
SSH (2)
Streaming (3)
surveillance (2)
Synthesizer (3)
System Tuning (82)
Benchmarking (2)
Typing (3)
Utilities (202)
Vector Animation (1)
Video Editing (119)
Virtualization (7)
Webcam (8)
Website Design (12)

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  • BilalSiddiquelahore

    plz uplod any movie maker

  • Okay sure I’ll upload it.

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  • ganesan babu

    thank u fatima

  • You can open that site using proxy sites.

  • We’ll look into this.

  • khemchand

    proshow producer upload.

  • khemchand

    proshow producer upload.

  • Priyank

    plz latest matlab setup upload….

  • Okay we’ll post it.

  • Bilal

    Do yo have any DATA RECOVERY App ?

    • We have a lot of data recovery apps. Please search inside site search on top right.

  • You should install driverpack solution which contain a lot of drivers.

  • Welcome. Sounds great.

  • Imtiyaz Ahmed

    I am looking for a .Net Reflector / .Net exe, I have tried so many tools but no one is working on protected exe by confuser. If you have any tool better than .Net Reflector, .Net Resolver, IL Spy etc then please guide me. I have developed a software and protected by Confuser. I have lost my backup due to system problem. Now I am in search of the solutions. Please provide if you have any solutions. Thank you.

    • If you have protected it then it is very difficult to get code back.

  • Yes there are several. You can use Audio processing tools from my site,

  • Okay I’ll post it.

  • Red Hat linux is already uploaded.

  • Thanks.

  • I prefer windows 8.1. it is best.

  • Arun Subramanian

    Can u upload REALFLOW 3d software. thanks in advance

  • merazahmad

    Can u upload 3d mx 32 bite and auto cad civil 3d 2015 32 bite

  • Jhon Errol L. Borlagdan

    Finally found Autocad 2008, thanks for sharing! πŸ˜€

  • Welcome.

  • Sandeep Duhan

    Hi Fatima,
    Do you have any software related to Law & helpful information for lawyer. Thnx

  • Daniel Kassem

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  • I’ll soon post it. I have noted it.

  • sagar sita

    how to creat windows 7 ultimate bootable cd please give easy idea———-sagar from nepal

  • I’ll try to find some solution and will get back to you.

  • aamir


  • πŸ™‚

  • Thanks buddy for nice comment.

  • We only provide legal copies.

  • Change your BIOS settings and make hard disk as 1st priority. Then it will automatically boot in operating system.

    • sagar sita

      hi thanku very much plz give idea we can connect mobile network on ipod touch

      • You can connect the mobile with ipod and share internet via cable.

  • I think the companies which invest millions in developing a software need some respect.

  • Abbas Magsi

    speaking english course bhi hona chahiye plzzzzzzzzzz

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    i need help.??

  • Wow I’m glad you are happy with my site. Share this with your friends.

  • Vijay Kumar

    Hi fatima admin. how are you i need Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 learning tutorial. pls help me admin

  • Ganesh

    Hi , can you suggest some software to boost gaming performance for windows 8.1

  • Arif

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    aoa bro how to open the utube mathod

  • Welcome πŸ™‚ Please Keep visiting and share my links with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter :)

  • Welcome πŸ™‚ Please Keep visiting and share my links with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter πŸ™‚

  • There are several softwares. Adobe reader is best and mostly used.

  • Which window are you using and what error you get?

  • How you made boot of Windows?

  • Welcome πŸ™‚ Please Keep visiting and share my links with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter πŸ™‚

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  • saif ali

    how i can download directx

    • Search directx over the top right corner of site and you’ll get details.

  • I have noted your suggestion. I’ll soon post it.

  • merazahmad

    mujhe autocad civil 3d 2013 chahiye plz upload

    • Actually this is huge software and it needs 64 bit. I’ll try to find 32 bit civil 3d for you.

  • I’ll try to find 32 bit for you specially πŸ™‚

  • Okay πŸ™‚

  • Welcome.

  • Welcome πŸ™‚ Please Keep visiting and share my links with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter πŸ™‚

  • I’ll try to find it.

  • naseer uddin

    how to speed up my internet speed

    • Follow this tutorial.

  • Thanks Alan for guiding others πŸ™‚

    • Jay Sharma

      hello Fatima I wanted to know your gaming website address .

    • Abdullah Rajpoot

      plz share Vcarve pro 7.0 or 6.0.

    • Iftikhar Ali

      please upload CV maker software if any
      Dear Fatima

    • Ashwani Kumar

      hello miss Fatima ,could you provide me link to the ms office for Mac for my personal use..

    • rahim


  • Welcome πŸ™‚ Please Keep visiting and share my links with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter πŸ™‚

  • Welcome πŸ™‚ Please Keep visiting and share my links with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter πŸ™‚

  • Thanks for your suggestion and guidance.

  • Hamid Nizam Durrani

    Fatima I need back track 5

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  • I have noted down your request. I’ll post it soon.

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  • Use Universal USB Installer and first create bootable pendrive. After that plugin the device and boot your PC.

    • war agaist russian communists

      First you need to set your BIOS or UEFI to boot from .. either from CD / DVD, or other drive (pe drive)

  • Thanks for guiding him. πŸ˜‰

  • Love your spirit.

  • Nope it is impossible.

  • Gurvir Singh Bhatti

    how to download windows 10 for pc not for vm drive

  • There are lot of such websites in Google.

  • I’ll try to find such.

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      thank you!!!!!!

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    easy and very fast download here

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  • Nikhil Wagh

    i want recover software

  • Nikhil Wagh

    i want recovery software so which one is best software . so please help me because i lost my data

    • There are lot of software in data recovery portion. You can try any one.

  • Use your keyboard print screen command.

  • You are most Welcome. πŸ™‚ Please Share my website with others πŸ™‚ Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter πŸ™‚

  • Yes.

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • You can try alternate applications for encryption.

  • which application.

  • It’s your kindness πŸ™‚ My pleasure.

  • I’ll try it.

  • Sorry we only works on windows apps.

  • Welcome.

  • Then you should burn the ISO to CD.

  • Thank you so much for feedback.

  • You are most welcome. Share my site with all of your friends.

  • Okay I will upload.

  • Most welcome. Share it with others.

  • I’ll try to find such tool.

    • Sandeep Duhan

      Gentle Reminder….

      Sandeep Duhan

      Fatima Afridi


      6 months ago

      Hi Fatima,
      have u remind about some commitments for downloading or
      posting software related with Law or LLB or Lawyer. still I am waiting
      for ur response. waiting for such type of software.

  • chinnaiya

    still loading up to 3hrs i can’t get pro-e wildFire 5,how to download pro-e,please help me

  • Rathod Kartik

    plzz upload android root software fatima afridi

  • Because Microsoft has ended support for XP.

  • which tool you used to make it bootable

  • Thank you so much. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • Sorry buddy we can only provide official untouched setup. You can try some free alternative for math solution.

  • Thomas Love

    thanks for the links i use this website a lot 1 of the best out there

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    so great games

  • Thanks for suggestion. Okay I’ll upload.

  • Thanks Jawad for useful tips.

  • Okay sure.

  • dhirendra pal

    linux zorin softwear printer provlam scan

  • I think update corrupted. You need to re install operating system. Try to repair it as well.

  • Agelu Pogisa

    HI Fatima, do you have AutoCAD Revit Architecture 2015 please?

  • Windows Live CDs are already posted.

  • Thank you πŸ™‚

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • You are most welcome. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • You are most welcome. Please share it with all of friends.

  • When you turn your Mac on. Press and hold command + R then recovery mode will start. From there you can click on option Reinstall Mac OS X

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • Okay I’ll soon post it.

  • Thanks your words mean a lot for me. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • aadil slim

    my pc is infected by an ad ware virus and i dont know which antivirus i should use to delete this virus from my pc i tried avg internet security from your website but it didst help removing ad ware pc still opening web pages automaticly and different advertisements pages while browsing i tried to rest my browser settings and re installed but still didn’t help and also it would be great if u could upload avira Ultimate protection

  • Simply mount the ISO to install.

  • Muhammad Abdulhakeem

    I’m Amazing πŸ™‚ … it’s a wonderful and huge website that have a wide range of App and programs; that have distinguished by arrangement and direct link. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

    • You are most welcome. Thanks. Your words mean a lot

  • Rahman Gul

    Plz try to upload “Mobile number tracer/ tracker” software thanks

    • Thanks for comment. Actually such software is not available for public users. Only agencies gets their hands on such software

      • Rahman Gul

        okay thanks for info by the way do i have any chance to get that

  • Sure I’ll upload it.

  • Thanks for guiding

  • You mean automation tools

  • You should install fresh window and install better antivirus like security essentials.

  • Yup

  • There are different for different models.

  • Thanks. Please share this site as much as you can

  • I have manually written PHP code using wordpress function. WP_list_categories.

  • I also tried transmac it doesn’t work. You should install Mac in VM and from there restore dmg to usb

  • Sorry for late response.

  • Your words mean alot to me. Thank you so much. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Your feedback means a lot to me. Please share this site if it helped you

  • Follow the tutorial.

  • My pleasure. Share it with everyone

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  • yared tibebu

    you need windows

  • I’ll look into this and will post it.

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  • Thank you so much. I have noted your request and will upload it soon.

  • Yes you can do it. I have posted windows 7 Live. Install that in Pen drive and use from it.

  • ok sure

  • Share internet from Hotspot option

    • hameed

      Hotspot se nh ho raha

  • fabricio viana

    don’t you have a link of unity 3D to download?

  • jasil

    i love your work. thank you, u r much appreciated

  • All are good. πŸ™‚ Use the one which is easy for you

  • rats

    sagar use this it will help for sure πŸ™‚

  • You are most welcome. Please share this as much as you can

  • Surveys are fake.

  • Mujahidul Islam

    thanx software maker

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Do you have IMO?

  • I have noted down your request and will soon post it.

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • Thank you for kind words. πŸ™‚ May be we build it someday for you πŸ™‚

  • I’ll check it.

  • Great.

  • You are most welcome.

  • Thanks πŸ™‚

  • I don’t think so such software exist. Buff your CD πŸ™‚

  • Manually install .net 3.5 SP1 first. Then trigger setup

  • Worried? Why πŸ™‚

  • I actually couldn’t find such. But I’ll keep looking.

  • okay

  • war agaist russian communists

    You do not need crap like NERO!

    Windows 7 and up has built software to burn images!

    I do not burn any more CD or DVD, I just extract iso using 7 Zip to pen drive and than install the software from pen drive!

    That is the best method especially that some fies are arger than 4.7 GB and will not fit on single layer DVD !

  • Okay sure.

  • Unity and Blender are already posted

  • Yup you can

  • Priyakant Sharma

    Hello there
    I recently downloaded a software (Mega Cad 3D) it is an .exe file and whenever i tried to run it, it shows me a dialouge box asking me to enter the password. So please help me to fix it. Thanx

  • Most welcome.

  • Several robotics related tools are posted.

  • Welcome πŸ™‚

  • Okay sure

  • Okay sure.

  • There are couple of dictionaries already in site. You should try oxford.

  • meee

    Good job Fatima

  • You are most welcome. Please share this as much as you can.

  • Most welcome.

  • Thank you for guiding others.

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • Okay sure. I’ll post it

  • Thank you for guiding others.

  • Use IDM latest version

  • Emma

    Please how do i remove my forgotten BIOS password

  • You are most welcome.

  • Christian Klas GΓΆran Hammarste

    Is it possible to install for xampel MS Office from a Externl drive after burning the iso?

  • darshan

    plz. tell me how to copy .iso file while DVD writer is not available in PC .Is there any possibility to copy all downloads in folder of PC or in USB drive

  • Okay I have noted it.

  • You are most welcome. Please share this as much as you can

  • Sure I’ll post.

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site.

  • They are already posted. do a search in site

  • watomcat

    Hi All, First time on here. I made a bootable usb. download windows 7 ultimate. everything is working great. I love it.

  • Sheraz Tahir

    nice web

  • Thanks for feedback πŸ™‚

  • Flavious Correia

    how to boot windows 10 pro iso by usb Pendrive by power iso? plz provide steps….

  • Mohammad

    plz give me sites for computer engineering plz reply fatima

  • i want some work on web devolopment… can anyone help me to find a job…..

  • Mehedi Hasan

    I want to say something about that, I used to see when computer is running(below the screen) which button press enter the BIOS. I agree with you that, It is differ from manufacture to manufacture, but it is normally F2, Del, F12(Temp.), F9(Temp.) etc.

  • Dont worry. I’ll post 2015 version soon.

  • Vishnu

    Hi, can you please upload McAfee antivirus plus 2015 or 2014.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Fawad Khan

    which is best antivirus for pc

  • Okay sure, I’ll look into this.

  • Suraj Shing

    windows bootable in pandrive driver please give …………..suraj saini frome saharanpur

  • Sure, I have noted it down and will post it.

  • I have noted it down.

  • I’ll soon post it.

  • Lots of such tools are posted already.

  • Simply run the setup.

  • These are already posted in site.

  • Thanks πŸ™‚

  • True.

  • You can give my article address on your button. That would be great.

  • It is roo large to attach.

    • Eric Aafaq

      plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 4 Allahs sake do Smthng for me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Eric Aafaq

    @Fatima plzz do smthng ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Abbas S

    Assalamu alaikum warahmathullah…


    Fatima Afridi I
    found now only your website is great, i get all software
    from this wesite without virus very simple download link with supporting
    IDM. Thanks a lot & Thank you very much….


  • Javokhir Nasimov

    Dear Fatima

    My name is Javokhir. As I can see from the review you have very helpfull website. I have a question to you if you don`t mind. I`ve bought a HP Pavillion PC from London many years ago and brought it back to my country (Uzbekistan). I wanted to change the language however, I`ve istalled a new windows in russian and I`ve deleted the original windows by mistake. The windows in russian did not work properly and I wanted to do a system recovery and it`s not working at all. It was Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct HP. Please I need your help to bring it back. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in advance.

  • Anand Malvade

    Please give me Divx pro converter software

  • I’m already working on DIvX pro converter

  • You can download dll from google.

  • Okay sure.

    • Edison Mercado David

      Thankyou for your kindness and helpul to others Ms. Fatima.
      thankyou again i will wait for that tajima..

  • Sure. I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • It always happen when you don’t have right drivers. You should visit the website of your laptop company and download compatible drivers. Even 32 bit and 64 bit matters.

  • Al Mamun

    fatima , can i post link in comment???
    i think you have large collections of software mostly in window then mac
    nowadays android and ios has became popular .I think you should add these platforms apps in your site which apps have to be paid in playstore or iphone apps store but people can download freely from your site..
    please add Eclips,Google android studio for developing category

    There are many Educational apps for windows platform in the field of science

    you should collect more educational apps like mathematica,,ACD12,MathMagic Personal Edition,Accelrys Draw 4.2,TI-Emulator

  • Robskie Ballares

    hi fatima.. plss help me how to open line my iphone 4 . japan.. thank you

  • Exactly.

  • Sure.

  • Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Najam Ul Islam

    please upload redhat enterprise linux

  • Karthik

    i need best apps for cctv camera to watch anywhere from pc .pls do help me.its urgent!!!

  • Karthik

    i need best cctv camera app for window in order to view the happening in my pc from anywhere of the world.

    Fatima i need your help.

  • Siraj Ahmed


  • Thank you so much for kind words. Your feedback means a lot to me.

    • Zack Regis

      hey Fatima afridi

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon

  • Are your sure your PC is compatible with Windows 10? Which version of Windows 10 you are trying to install?

  • I have noted it down.

  • Use Voice to Text Engine. I’ll soon post it.

    • gerad antony

      Hi Fatima, have you posted the Voice to Text Engine yet? I would appreciate we have option to train it with specific terms. That will be helpful for me too… Thanks in advance!

    • gerad antony

      Hi Fatima, would appreciate it if you can help me with a Voice to Text engine similar to Dragon for medical transcription!

  • Sure I’ll post it.

  • gerad antony

    Hi Fatima, have you posted the Voice to Text Engine yet? I would appreciate we have option to train it with specific terms. That will be helpful for me too… Thanks in advance!

  • Mferemero Simon

    Hi Fatima, is there a Stock Control software up for free download? give the link please!

  • aman19801

    hello fatima ……..i have required website blocker software for win 7…..pls suggest me

  • Cathy Ortiz

    Thank You Fatima Afridi for all the Dl’s. I would like to upgrade win 7 Home Premium to Ultimate. I have the license from the side of my tower. Will it work for the upgrade to Ultimate. If not were do I get a license for Ultimate. Will I even need a new license for Ultimate to work? Windows keeps asking me to upgrade to win 10, I do not have the touch screens so I do not think that’s a good choice for me. Also where does a person get the Win 10 license from. That’s why I wonder if a license is even needed!

  • Kruzo

    Miss Fatima, I am really very thankful for compiling such a great collection of your hard work, really appreciate it.
    Mam i really need some help with tuning my PC, i get many pop ups asking to install various software please help me.
    And i really need help in improving the performance of my PC please help me.
    Thank you mam.

  • Nopye Jr

    Hi Fatima, have a good day. Please, could you please upload Microsoft Flight Simulator?

  • roudeini


  • roudeini

    Fatima Afridi tnks

  • Thanks for feedback. Sure I’ll look into this

  • Thanks for guiding others

  • Khan Wali

    Special thanks to admin ,we appreciate your great work.May you live long life without any very easy for us to download any required software.I have seen other website but your site (Get into pc) is one of the great one.

  • Suraj Bairwa

    World Best Software Downloading Sites and Oceanofthegames Just Miracle and Heaven for Game Lover

    Thank you fatima

    Really Never Seen Before

    From India With Love

  • Amos Olabode

    Please i still can’t download from this site, i always get redirected

    • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • grandball ayo

    how to download pes game for free

  • Ritesh Bhatt

    Your Site Is Awesome…Love it!!

  • Aram Conde

    i like this and very usefull to me

  • Muzammil

    fatima please upload any sms caster on your website

  • Tiger

    how to convert fl studio demo to producer edition

  • Sangamesh S Chowkimath

    how to resolve critical errors in windows 7

  • Yes




    I am not able to download microoffice 16 indicating file could not found

  • Engr Arshad Jan Alkhairi

    window 7 usb bootable software?

    • FlΓ‘vio Rodrigues

      Thank you very much Fatima but it shows it’s not possible because of some error code. And I followed the proper instructions and the right version. Can you help me with another way? I appreciate if you could! Thank you!!

  • Go for XP


    how to downlode windows for pc

  • raghav

    how to enable wifi in pc without wifi dongle

  • ajay shewale

    pls suggest your gaming site

  • sunny raj

    can u help me to install any app which is download by this site

  • sunny raj

    please help me

  • Azaan Malik

    just download bootable software from Ms web free, install and open files elect iso file for usb or dvd select and wait. your usb is bootable. Enjoy…

  • Kulen Sonowal

    pls upload unreal engine 4.15 offline install

  • Abhishek Raj

    how to create a free website. Please reply me step by step..

  • Abhishek Raj

    how i can create my free websites?

  • Sumit Choubey

    I need some disk space analyzer apps for checking where my space is being consumed by system … pls help me !!

  • akhtarcable

    hi sagar great idia is here win7 usb creat i was create correct work. now u this link copy paste youtube

  • Ahmad Farhad Amirzai

    Hi dear its very good and works very well but it has a problems that it connect but after few minute it disconnected automatically

  • Bharat

    Hello Fatima mam pls upload a beat music downloader app for YouTube intro and and some fire intro videos. And filmora sound effects or blockbuster fire effects. Plsss

  • Aayan khan


  • ali ahmed

    very good site

  • Keneath Menes

    Can you give me a site where a screen recorder for pc. 32bit. Thankyouu.

  • theophilus matthew jones


  • Ashwani Kumar

    Hello miss Fatima ,can have ms office for Mac for personal use ?

  • Arman Ansari


  • About Windows 10 pro!

    I love this website.Hare you can get everything what you want for your pc!!!!!!!!!


    hallo sir, how to downlode sahutterstock pd v2

  • Arham Ali

    please upload camtesia latest version

  • Qamer Qasim

    I need adobe experince design softwear…so plz upload this softwaer as soon as posible..thanks you.

  • Franklin Muthaura

    How can I connect two PCs using an ethernet cable to share files and internet between them without a router or a switch ? Kindly assist plz

  • Jagadeesh Gadde

    Please do help me how ca n recover data from my seagate external hard disk. I’ve some important data in it. but I don’t know why the HDD is not detecting in my PC. Please do help me.
    You can reach me at [email protected].


  • Nishanth BK

    Please upload windows 10 theme pack for windows 8 please please please i want it

  • Zi Nou

    thanks this website helpful for me in programming any help pleas contact me in my gmail: [email protected] and i want say i want help because i got help from this website and i am programmer i have experince to help

  • maamoun

    amazing thanks

  • Bharat Sharma

    how to open a pc when we forgot password

  • Bharat Sharma

    I wanted to know that ..this software are only trial version or pro versions Fatima

  • rudresh

    Helli, Are Provide glass wire Network related software?

  • Arshad Ali

    plz upload Language Converters Software

  • ashish

    hey listen download power iso software free and click on burn be sure you download iso image first then select cd and start it will ready

  • Boy Chantha

    hello , I’m happy

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    mam our software safe or not?? please reply me

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    siemens nx 11 or catia for 3d-cad mil sakta hai kya?

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    I need dwonload comtasia pro 9.00 how to dwonload ?

  • Gatot Widya Anggara


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    your websites server is very fast.iloved your softwares .it is very useful to me.

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    Great work Miss Fatima…. Really appereciated πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Moynul Islam

    I want power led software but i can’t install.

  • nantha kumar

    sir i had deleted my file ,, it is possible to recover

  • Mervyn Barroquillo

    hi! do you have ibm domino server 9 and traveler server?

  • Pratik Ghevariya

    I done many afferds to create bootable usb drive of windows 7 iso file jun 2017 but it’s not working , i think in this iso some file s are missing.

  • Randhhir Kumar

    blustarks ka achha version lod kigiye
    isme se koi sahi se kam nahi kr raha hai.



  • Sa As

    hi all

  • Danish Rider

    dvd ka deta delete krne wala koi softwear btawo.

  • Anil Lahare

    Pinnacle V10 chahiye sir please

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    how to android system play on pc and you have any softwere here site Comment from Nepal

  • Thank you so much. Means alot to me

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    thanks bro your website so grate

  • Yuvraj shingare

    how to creat windows 7 ultimate bootable pd please give easy idea

    • Venkat Raju

      Please refer to Tutorials section part 8 of
      for creation of Bootable Pen drive.

  • Sunil rk

    hello sir,
    i want micro soft excel free for windows pc of 64 bit . plz share the link to download software .
    than you.

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    hey admin, iv been using these site fr a year nw, m in need of a software which is paid version can u make it available on this site?
    its album sense plus plus

  • Abdalla Zafir

    Hi there . I tried to install { Getintopc.com_TurboFloorPlan3DPro2015 } but unfortunately it required a number to be able to install this app. & I do not no it.
    I have tried to use the serial number of my PC , but it does not help.
    If any one can help me to install this app for designing floor plan .

    • I’ll look into this

      • DENNIS

        hello, do you have bulk sms software, a working one?

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    pls help me to get live video editing software like which is using in marrige

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    YTD Dont Licence Version

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    Could you please add Scrivener or Aeon Timeline? It’s a really good programme but I can’t find it free anywhere.

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    photoshop 15 win 8 32 bit me nahi dal raha he

  • Yes you have to do that to make it full

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    Hey @Getintopc Please Upload Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Vst Plugins Full Version

    • Its 56 GB πŸ™‚ Its huge. I have it. But cannot post it.

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    Good job. do you have any school management software here
    will appreciate so much.

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    You may please to start an item in your Software Categories
    on Computer hardware, servicing and repairing Desktops and

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    • You mean Windows 10 skinpacks for other windows e.g. windows XP, 7? or you mean windows 10 themes?

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    hlo admin can u provide me survey remover tool

    • There is no such tool which works to remove surveys. All such tools are fake

  • Cahyono Engineering

    do you’ve autocad land desktop version 2004-2006? i need. thanks

  • Yes you can. Using host header modification


      What is host header modifications and how can i do it.

      • You can google it.

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    go to its just like this website but for games.

  • This is our official gaming site

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    plz upload ithenticate version, it is best software for plagiarism.

    • Sure I will post it

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    sir i need VIDEOSCRIBE.. please provide me

  • Hi Krishna,

    Use Avast. It is great.

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