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  • Rana umair

    salam bai me nay ap ki site say uniblue download kar liya hay yar wo register nai hay ab mujh register karny ka trick b bta day plz help me……….

  • Anonymous

    Software Pasward nead

    • Admin

      password is getintopc


    • Admin

      Windows 7 is already uploaded in Lite version. That version is without any installed softwares

  • Asad Ahmad

    A Contents are brilliant but very few I almost downloaded all of them and I really enjoyed free softwares but there should be a little more. I am very thankful

  • visakh

    ples upload highly compressed pc games

  • visakh

    upload hitman absolution highly compressed

  • visakh

    this is best site ever but update for our requsted files

  • visakh

    feedback please

  • Please send me your feedback on any issues. Do let us know in case of dead or broken links

    • Ali

      Thanks Fatima. We appreciate your effort.

    • Faraz

      Please upload more games.

  • Asad Ahamd

    Hello, Fatima pleasse upload brother in arm earn in blood. I shall be thankful for this.
    Thank You

  • Thank you Asad. Ok I’ll upload this game but only in official demo version.

    • Asad Ahmad

      Fatima I am waiting you haven`t uploaded yet…Plz

  • Mõħămăď Ķĥălil

    Hello, Fatima plaese upload mac os x mountin lion 10.8.4 , thamk you

  • Ok I’ll try

  • Zaki Yusuf

    Hello Admins, Please upload Grand Theft Auto 4 game!!

  • The link of windows 7 is official untouched ISO. You need to buy from Microsoft store for legit license.

  • Sure I’ll try to upload

  • This autocad 2014 version if official free version.

  • Samarth

    please add bully scholarship edition. thank you

  • Karunakar

    Hello mam please help me i have a Panasonic Video Camera HMC-82 full HD com corder and i lost my memory card data because virus problem i want to Recovery My Files in SD card, the video file type is .mts files please help me which software is perfectly Recovered my files and i need the software please help me pleaseeeeee

  • raafat

    Thank you that was nice…I’d like to suggest adding a subscription feature

    thank you again.

  • Zeeshan

    Hi there and many thanks and superb work,,,altogether. I really liked your efforts and suggest to add cons with pros too to the software feature list.

  • Donjoan Donjovi

    please update gamelist….

  • Rajat Singh

    My External Hard Drive is not working when i m opening it is showing access denied…pls tell me what to do..?

  • asraf

    i like your site…it is a useful site

  • muddaddy

    Hi Fantima I’am a newbee into pc,can I download the 7 Ultimate onto my pc that has win 7 Prem?

  • Yes you can download

  • Sohail Naseer

    A.A sister!How are u ,i hope very happy!!!M question is that when i remove all virus from pc by using cmd then at this time this is remove but after restarting pc it again run why??

  • Use a good antivirus. Like Avast.

  • Excellent suggestion. I’ll add this as well.

  • Riad Riad

    hello sister , how are you , i hope you are happy and ok , my question is that when i finish the download of the winrar file and when i launch it by extracing the file it s say that the file are incorrect vplease help my to instal it thank you

  • Sayan Roy

    hey! I downloaded assassin’s creed 3 from ur site
    bt its cant install in my pc
    everytime when I open the setup file. its show me ‘ERROR: this is not Freearc archive or this archive is corrupt’
    what should I do?

  • Main Madad Karoon

    download or install?

  • We already tested that it is working. This might be issue with your winrar or file was not downloaded completely.

    • Sayan Roy

      thnkew! 🙂

  • which file are you trying to extract?

  • Shahzaib

    please tell me about the best antivirus, which can tackle all kind of viruses

  • edu

    could you upload fifa 14 or xcom games

  • Usman Haider

    Please upload Windows 8.1 Pro Build 9600.

  • Hafiz Syed Daniyal Ali

    Assalamu Alayikum [Blessings and greetings].

    I would like to Thanks for all your efforts and all the uploads are unique and very useful and informative. Thanks alot for your time and providing quality stuff with resumable. Thanks alot again for your time and efforts.

    May Allah[God] Bless you.

    Take Care

  • vipul

    please upload …. Assassin’s creed pc game
    i want this game,,,answer me when you upload this game?????

  • Thanks for valuable feedback 🙂

  • Xeson

    Waiting for a game to b uploaded in strategy games portion 🙁

  • Dominantstar

    Do You have Sniper Ghost Warrior 1 game?


  • We’ll upload that.

    • Dominantstar

      Thanks Admin~

  • Shayan Tahir Khawaja

    Assalaamoalaikum! i want to upload an amazing windows 7 and 8.1 on this site and also some softwares! and i can work for you too! i am from Pakistan! ican upload softwares on your demand!

    • Thanks Shayan. We can offer you software essay writing. we’ll pay Rs 50 per post.

    • Khurram Siddique

      hi contact me shayan….if you want to work
      Contact info


      Skype username:khurramsiddique029

      • Hi. You can answer other people comments here and also answer people question on facebook page

  • Hannah James

    how is autocad free to download here when it is such an expensive software??

  • Manjunatha R

    Dear sir/madam,
    Thank you for giving us a very useful web site.
    Recently i have downloaded windows 7 ultimate 32 bit ISO os in your site and installed the same to my computer and installed well. now it is asking number and i created 5 partition on hard disk but it shows only 3 where is others, please help me on this.

    • It is official version. Secondly use parition master software to unhide partition

    • Manjunatha R

      Dear Madam,

      Thank you for spending few minutes for me.

      How to licensing permanently for windows 7 tell me some other source.
      seeking your reply.

      Thank you.

  • Amber Stong

    I would like to comment on the download time for windows 7 ultimate 64bit. I have been downloading this since 3pm and now it is 10pm and I don’t even have 1GB from the file. Is there something wrong.

    • Sorry for the issue you faced. It is may be due to server speed issue

  • You can see details in software posts which are already in site

  • just copy bootsect.exe into your USB. You can just download bootsect.exe from net

  • jonathan

    thank you just as good as this site some great games on going to download some now :d

    • Thanks Jonathan. Share our site with others.

      • jonathan

        i will 😀

        • Thanks Cheers

          • jonathan

            hey got a little idea could you start uploading new albums, would be great

          • Which albums?

  • Thanks Manik

  • shaik yakhoob

    upload more games

  • Isaac Kalyango

    i love this web

  • Sayan Roy

    please upload Rise of The Nations!

  • sure

    • jonathan

      is it on yet x

  • SaZz

    plz upload circket 2007 game plz

  • Larry Morris Shelton

    sure wish you had older versions of family tree maker family history software. version 6 and 7.

    • Sure. I’ll upload these softwares very soon. Thanks for suggestions

  • Yasir Nawaz


  • Tahir you should create bootable USB of Windows 8 ISO and do fresh installation

  • John Robinson

    Hi your Autocad 2013 64 bit does not down load fully – gets to about 615 MB then stops unexpectedly. Can it be fixed?

  • Yeah. IDM is way better than Chrome. IDM is dedicated for fast and quick downloading. It makes serveral connections to file. Chrome is only good for browsing

    • John Robinson

      Thanks IDM Works well


    Help Me To Install windows 7
    i have download window vista and 7 32 bit iso files from this site. after downloading make bootale usb but they these setups are not install in my system. only show first boot window

    vista = first booting
    win 7 = starting windows

    but any os has no progress many hours (06.00pm to 02.00am) only show booting/starting windows. please help me to install any os on my pc.

    • How did you make bootable image? Use USB for clean bootable installation. Secondly why you are using two windows? I suggest to only use windows 7 only

  • We have tested all ISO and they are working. Probably there may be some issue with your hardware

  • Khurram Siddique

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    I belong from an adevertising company,and Want to advertise on your site
    We will give you a handsome amount…
    Contact info

    Skype username:khurramsiddique029

  • kiran

    upload gta 5 and send me link on [email protected] please

    • Hi , GTA 5 is only available for Play station and Xbox only.

  • Thanks for feedback. Have you installed your HD Graphics drivers?

  • File is already highly compressed

  • Thanks for letting us know. We’ll soon upload such software

  • I have personally tested all the links and they are working. It may be something wrong with your network 😉

  • We’ll soon upload it

  • Mapelo

    Hey can there be more new release games on this site and please don’t let them be torrents. Despite this only request?, this is an awesome website.

  • Woknwoll

    Thank you for providing this service, I need to reinstall xp onto my cnc machine pc and my original disk is cactus. How do I express my gratitude in a more tangible manner? Again, many thanks.

  • smart_tanveer09

    thanks fatima for your rply yes i have installed graphics drivers but could you please tell me that from where i can get hd graphics drivers for windows 8.1 in dell 760 intell Q45 chipset mother board.
    kindly rply fast

  • Anthony

    HI new to your site and admit confused…hope u can ‘unconfuse me’…I just made new build desktop, but need OS. Are your offers legit and different from recovery disks? Right now I have been downloading the usb tool pgm, and win 7 download says one day remaining…is this true? I have a fast laptop and my servor is one of the why does it take so long?

    • There mau be some downloading server performance issues. I apologize for slow download ;(

      • Anthony

        Hello… just like to know… I download the usb boot utility. Now i have license of my win 7 home which came with my netbook. can I install the iso win 7 home version onto another computer with those purchased licenses? Thanks

        • yes i hope you can use those after install of windows 7 home

  • Welcome for feedback. I’ll upload it soon

  • smart_tanveer09

    yeah offcourse fatima i tried alot , and now i’m really tense that how can i get rid of this problem, kindly help me dear .waiting for your rply

  • Ali Afzal

    i love this website really

  • This setup is great. I’m from US

  • M K SEN

    Madam Fatima,

    I have downloaded some software, but can not download the related tutorials / reviews. Kindly let me know how to download the tutorials for these softwares, so that I can run them properly.

  • Thanks for appreciating. Sure I’ll upload GIS software soon. global mapper and autocad map are already posted

  • Mapelo

    Can I get a step by step tutorial on how to install the windows 8.1 ISO I downloaded

  • You can manually add Language pack?

  • Thanks

  • Depends on your PC. Well Windows 8.1 is best

    • Hahaha seee i told you it is 😛 remember that discussion we had when i first knew you and the site 😛 x’D

  • Welcome 😉 keep visiting

  • Yup you can play

    • Muhammad Umar

      LoL … u can’t 😀 😛 😛

      • Lets give him some hope. Don’t hurt his feelings 😉

        • Muhammad Umar

          sorry princess…. can’t misguide him…. I tried it on 3.2Ghr with 1Gb ram and 128 graphic memory and it still freezing from the beginning so no chance to waste time ali Afzal…

          • Oh Okay 😉

          • Ali-Hassan

            I am sorry mjhe laga ya reply ali ko jaey ga asal me ma na abhi 2 min phle e join kya ha aur me is coment ko del nahi kar sakta to me na edit kar dya

          • p.s. don’t call me princess. Or I’ll ban you

          • Muhammad Umar

            so nice of u 😛 hahahahah sorry 😉

        • Muhammad Umar

          ok as u wish Fatima … giving him some hope… download and install it now run the game it take a while for 1st time,,,, after loading go to graphic option and draw distance to normal…wide screen to off…visual FX quality to low anti aliasing to “2” resolution 800×600

  • Windows XP. Old is gold 😉

  • Thanks for appreciating. Keep visiting us.

  • sriharan

    madam pls upload SIEMENS NX9, ALTAIR HYPERWORKS software

  • Ali

    I downloaded the trial version and install it on my laptop but it stuck on connecting …….. for very long time.
    I uninstalled the program and reinstall it again but the same problem remained.
    The other new issue I started getting a message… Internet Explorer has stopped working, then I have to restart the internet explorer
    I am using windows 7 64bit.

    • I think there is some virus or other issue in your PC

  • andrewwatts

    did you know than windows xp and windows 8 is going and the next windows is windows 9

  • Language packs can be searched from Microsoft server. Tell me which language you need?

  • which browser you use? Don’t download it on mobile

  • Dian

    I would like to ask some questions regarding the installation of windows 8 which I failed to install windows 8.
    1) What is the drive system used in the drive C, is it FAT 32 or NTFS?
    2) What is the minimum capacity drive C as a place of windows 8?
    Thank you for the information you provided.

    • Filesystem is NTFS and I guess 20GB will be enough

  • Muhammad Umar

    if u tried everything, that means, your pc does’t support to boot from USB 😛

  • siva

    Hello Fatima Afridi Could you share

    Windows 8.1 Download ISO 32 / 64 Bit Free Official link for Core single language? Thanks

  • Can you please confirm how you made bootable USB or followed which process to install it?

  • Ali Afzal

    plz inform me when you will upload new game

  • no it is not needed. You can directly install win 8.1

  • sonu

    m getting invalid link of autocad software..plz help..asap


    Hi Sister……I am SB Bharath, Andhra Pradesh, India………… In recent days while I was searching for a software, I found ur Website which is useful for students, Employees etc….. The Website is sooooo Good that all the people can use All the Contents available in the website Nicely……Thank U for this and do Ur best Sister ……Great Job…….

    • Thank you so much. I am really happy to read this.
      It motivates me to work more and more.
      Keep visiting my site.

  • Deborah Wilbanks Mark Pope

    your power2go 9 download is taking too long… it working?

  • Sure I’ll do it. I have noted the suggestion.

  • Steve Lavigne

    i can’t play any games in my dell laptop, even gta vice. my laptop overheat and shutting down itself. any fix you got?
    RAM: 4.00 GB
    System type: 32-bit OS, 64 based Processor
    Processor: intel(r) Core(TM) i3-2330m CPU @2.20Ghz

  • Harshit

    plz upload dictonary for windows8

  • Great. Perfect.

  • Khan Saim Khan

    Hello Fitima sister,
    i saw your website last night and i really like your website so much…its superb great and best place to get free best trusted softwares …

    i am most thankful to you sis…Khor jane Allah de tal khushala awo baryalai sata…

  • Killer Bee

    Hey fatima, plz upload “qubicle contructor” !!!

  • sai shekar

    hai i actually downlaoded vista from ur site after downloading how make my blank cd bootable….

  • rachid

    thanks for this website it’s very important for so many people
    i ask for loading the ARTCAM EXPRESS

    • Thanks for appreciating. I’ll add artcam express soon.

  • The General

    hello, i just downloaded this game and followed the instructions on the readme file, installed both, started both games to create the C:Users***SOME NAME***DocumentsCommand and Conquer Generals Data
    but this file has not been created, while starting the game., this is where i should create the option.ini file. what should i do
    i hope you still here to help me out

    • I’m sorry you had to face this issue. I personally tested this game on my pc and it is working. I’m not getting that error. Have you followed the exact instructions?

  • Ronak

    hi.. Fatima thanks to everything which one your post uploaded…. i need your help if you can…. can you tell me about the xp including all latest updates in the ISO which one Microsoft last released….if you have please send me a link
    thank you::))))

  • Are you looking in correct folder? is your system 32 bit 64 bit?

  • Shaikh Hussain

    admin kindly upload window 8.1

  • May be this version of game is not compatible with your system. You can try some other version. Personally game is running fine on my pc.

    • The General

      i have tried the game on another PC with 32 bits system and i still dont get that user file after starting the game. i think because of this file missing i get a window, after starting the game, that says, insert the right CD and click ok. please Fatima, help me to get it work, i would be grateful forever.

      • I cannot figure out issue. This game works on my pc 🙂

        • The General

          what if you send me that user file, where i have to create that options.ini file.
          would that work

  • Biz

    Hi, Fatima,
    For so long I’ve looked for a site like this and FINALLY found it. I am so glad it is a fellow New Yorker too 🙂 Thanks for a great site. I just had to say that.

    • Your kind words mean a lot to me. Thanks for appreciating. Please share it with in your friends 😉

  • Ali-Hassan

    Well ALi tumhe 128 mb Vga card cahey us me Gta Sand (what ever) kar sakte ho bus in instructions ko follow karo …. jab sandandreas ho jaey to is ki video option ma ja kar advace video setting ma jao waha Video Rendering name ki atom ho gi use low kar dena gta sandandreas nahi atke gi….ha par jab tum kisi gari me betho ga to atke gi par tum radio off kar dena gari me beth kar to nahi atke gi 🙂 Best of Luck aur har bar radio off karna pare ga aur baki sab kher ha chal jaey gi 512 ram

  • Ali-Hassan

    hello! can anybody tell me where i can find aloot of cmd comands ?actually i love cmd so can anyone please tell me where can i find all comands for cmd?

  • Ali-Hassan

    kya ap aik game civilization 3 ya 4 upload kar sakte han ?

  • You need to install vmware tools. Once they are installed you can just copy paste files across VM

  • Which file is giving problem? I have tested and all servers are up.

    • Pratip Saha

      Autocad 7

  • Ganesh

    hey can u upload EA cricket 2012 game for windows

  • valmik

    i want quotations of HFSS providers. do you have any idea of vendors?????

  • JDMeaux

    May I suggest AntiX 13.2 and MX-14 linux O.S. for those with light-weight and middle-weight computers? These are both good on older computers without the bloated bulkiness of Ubuntu.

  • Yes you can. Answer people’s question in comments here and on facebook.

  • We cannot place installers on our site. because yours installers may harm visitors of my site. They may slow down PC of visitors due to hidden malware. So I cannot risk my users on this. That’s why I never placed those.

  • D Saver

    I have attempted to download the win 8 pro iso x4 in last 24 hrs (6/1-2/14) and is has failed each time, with successively less download each time. The last was only 125 MB downloaded of 2.5 gig. There is no error message, just stops downloading. Any assistance is appreciated.

    • Please use IDM download manager to download it with fast rate and complete. Install IDM in your PC and then open browser and visit site to download windows 8

  • Stevebdx


    I contact you to know if you are willing to sell your website because i’m very interested for buy it. If you are open to discussion, we can arrange a consultation by Skype or we can also discuss at first by email if you wish.

    Steve De Almeida – stevebdx(at)

  • Thank you.

  • You can subscribe us and Like and Follow us on Facebook and Getintopc

  • Xeson

    Hey Fatima, I was wondering to could help me by uploading or suggesting a (image and pdf to dwg i.e. CAD File converter… If u have any idea or info plx do share, i wil be really thankful…. tnx, best wishes and best of luck with ur smart work….

  • Dheeraj Singh

    Hlw.. Koi idm ki knwlge rkhta hey? Mujy hlp chaiyd..
    Yewar jb mey idm sey youtube ki video download krta hu vo sirf..WEBM ki format mey aati hey..mp4 flv in sab format mey q ni aati?? Plz HLP

    • aapka IDM version old hai plz get a latest version of IDM that will solve ur problem


    what a wonderful site, I LOVE IT.

  • Noureldin Zaza

    catia v6 is not working when i open it licence manager open and it do nothing else

  • Welcome.

  • westbrge

    After downloading the AutoCAD MEP 2015, I went to open and run the program and it didn’t bring up another window to install and I can’t find the file…. I also had to restart my computer because it starting acting real slow… what might be the issue? am I doing something wrong? I met the system requirements before downloading the 64bit download.

  • Michy Rillz


  • GrandToDo

    Hello, I am in the process of downloading your Win8.1 64 bit iso. I am really confused about what this is/does; however, I want to reinstall my Win8.1 from 32 bit to 64 bit in order to upgrade the memory. Your assistance will be appreciated – by email if possible. Thanks.

    • Check your Email. I have sent response.

      • GrandToDo

        It appears I missed your email by not recognizing the sender, it probably ended up in ‘Junk’ – could you please resend? Thanks.

  • Can you try again? Download usinf IDM download manager. Click on download button at the bottom of post.

  • Arsalan Khattak

    Hello , i need a Setup Wizard with which i can setups for my software , i made some software in C# but now i want to create its setup but unfortunately i have error in Visual Studio 2012 that’s why i can’t make its setup. So please if you have any software with which i can make Setups then please give me the link.I have windows 8.1

  • No we have only ultimate.

  • Okay. Have you used Setup factory?

    • Arsalan Khattak

      Thanks but i got its solution.

  • Taha Fatepurwala

    do you have corel draw and adobe creative suite for macbooks??

    • Sorry dear. We only provide software for Windows. I apologize.

  • Why? Win 8 Pro is better.

  • Can you send me complete software name?

  • Fred

    Hi, 1st time comment,
    Thanks for providing good things, May God bless your effort.
    But one thing: I downloaded Windows 8 from your site, i installed it perfectly

  • Sorry I don’t have its link. I’ll send you once I’ll get.

  • Please use IDM Download Manager?

  • David

    Tell me how to use IDM download Manager, otherwise I run the risk of wasting data again before I finish downloading

    • Just Download and install IDM. Then after it restart your PC. Then try to download some file and it will start downloading at fast rate.

  • Bong Sierra

    can u uplaod latest version of speed up my pc .
    . . . pls!

    • Ok I’ll post it.

      • Bong Sierra

        thank you getintopc and fatima. . . . you are the best

  • Kashif Iqbal

    Hy Amain i make a radio player that perform on INTERNET i want that this software public-ally available on INTERNET soo plzz contect me or give me our contect where i give you .exe file of our software.
    [email protected]
    skype ID::

  • It is difficult to fix.

  • There are couple of photo editing softwares already in site.

  • I need the Webroot Secureanywhere.

  • Yes you can upgrade.

  • Just run the setup.

  • I apologize. It may not be compatible with your pc.

  • Ok we’ll post it soon.

  • can you post the screenshot.

  • I agree.

  • email me at [email protected]

  • Check your email inbox for reply.

  • Ahmed Rko


  • It might not be supported on vista. I think it can run on windows 7 or 8 only.

  • Use IDM Download manager. Yes it supports multiplayer.

  • Yes of course. Can you please email me details at [email protected]

  • It is due to theme design. You can change these settings in theme.

  • load what?

  • Sachethana Pathirage

    Hey thanks for Visual Studio 2005. I’ve been dead with dead torrents.. Thanks!! Useful

  • You can purchase it from here.

  • Can you use IDM Download Manager?

  • G. R.

    I have tried to download AutoCad 2006 twice and each time My Norton block the “unicow.dll” virus. Ins there another way of downloading a clean version of AutoCad 2006? please help. Thank you

    • This is the clean version. The detection is false positive. Turn off your antivirus. Then Download and install.

  • Obert Shoniwa

    Thank you my download has started!

  • Yes it will work.

  • Gama

    Thanks for the web!

    Just wanted to mention that your WIndows 8.1 Pro and Windows 8.1 files are switched. The Pro version link downloads 8.1 and 8.1 downloads Pro.

    • The ISO we provided is Windows 8.1 Pro. So both versions are Pro.

  • Well this worked for me. Can you try and search this dll with software dll fixer?

  • Shubham

    It is taking too much time to reply anyone….. i also tried to reply you ‘thanks fatima ‘ but its not happening

  • Another option is search the DLL file on internet and download it.

  • It is not released for PC yet.

  • Thank you so much for kind comment. 🙂

  • chris

    is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit good to launch Watch dogs pc ?

  • Rishi. I don’t have those. Sorry 😛

  • wael

    hi any body there?
    i wanna ask about programs in french coz i am livin’ here in paris and i wanna use the french copies of every programs? is it possible?

    • Yes of course. This is possible for programs which are multi Language. Most of the large software companies like Adobe have multi-Lingual programs which support French.

  • Thank you so much for appreciating. I will post these softwares soon.

  • You can search multiLingual in site search box.

  • I’ll soon post that.

  • Use IDM Download Manager.

  • Abdul Sattar

    it’s a different app or software which i needed is that for aptitude test or reasoning?
    please help me out in it

  • You can use IDM Download Manager. Our system supports 1 MBps per user.

  • Thank you so much for nice comment. I’ll post your desired softwares soon. Thanks again. Please refer your friends to my site 🙂

  • I think JAVA is missing in your PC.

  • Welcome to my group 🙂

  • christian

    admin can you please upload HP deskjet 2050? thanks.

  • This is kind of impossible.

  • MehreenSyed

    It is the best website, I see all the wanted softwares here, but I am having problem with downloading these, I have installed IDM in my computer but I don’t know to how to download these files with IDM.
    Please Help

  • kent

    hello!!!! any adviser here can helping me???

  • Ok sure. We’ll add it.

  • I’m here.

  • Check your email.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂 Tell your friends about this experience.

  • Request Noted. 🙂

  • Lynette Gerber

    Hi I’ve tried to download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO 32 3 times now and I keep getting a “Failed – Network error”. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Use IDM Download manager software. It downloads fast and without error.

      • Lynette Gerber

        Thank you works perfectly

        • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Ian McGregor

    “You will get the File Shortly From a High Performance Linux Cloud Server..!!

    We place your file on High Performance Cloud VPS Server. The
    difference between our site and others is, we are in the process of
    developing tutorials for every application. So when you have database
    software we will also post a short tutorial on how to configure a database server.
    This setup guide will be simple and understandable. You can have
    Developer and Engineer Tools, Programming Software and 3D CAD
    Applications. We also provide tutorials on how to use CAD Software and
    how to configure Apache, PHP, MySQL, etc. Tips to set up Database
    Management Systems will be posted. You can Learn Performance Tuning tips
    as well.

    Secondly you can have the Latest Versions of all Engineering and CAD
    tools. All applications ranging from Antivirus, PC Tuning Utilities,
    Browsers and Educational Productivity suites. Furthermore you can find
    tutorials to configure settings and learn tips and tricks to optimize
    performance. Linux tutorials are also under progress. All of the
    tutorials are step by step with screenshots.

    Please comment here if you find any dead or broken links. Let us know, Your feedback is very appreciated.”

    Proof read and corrected.

    Ian McGregor

  • The direct file links will not work. You can use post link.

  • Ian McGregor

    Hello Fatima, It is a pleasure. You can also say Engineering tools instead of Engineer tools. I am a Marine Engineer & Naval Architect by profession.

    Do you have any Naval Architecture or Navigation software for pleasure yachts?

    • Thank you for feedback. I’ll post these soon 🙂

  • Sobraj Mondal

    A bunch of thanx to u for this web…. can u upload rsview32 7.2 free version …. It is a scada software…….

    • Okay we’ll upload.

      • Sobraj Mondal

        thnx in advance….

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂 I’ll post more such softwares soon.

  • Which Browser are you using? USe IDM Download Manager.

    • Raghavendra

      IDM only I’m using

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Sonia Gagnon

    I’m downloading Windows 8 64 bits and it is going half speed… 200ks instead of 500ks,??!!!

  • Just run the setup. 🙂

  • Download it and install. 🙂

    • Emmanuel G O Kosoko

      Thanks Fatima. There is problem of Installation.

      • You can search the solution on Google. We only give Clean Official Versions.

        • Emmanuel G O Kosoko

          Thanks Fatima,i really appreciate
          i’ll be very grateful if you can do me this favour.
          Thanks so much.

          • Sorry dear we cannot provide that. It will violate policy.

  • You can download that and keep using it.

  • Why it become useless? What error you get?

    • nour

      After i downloaded it.then i try to make sure its hash is correct but every time it is wrong.Although i download it from official site,IDM is updated with latest version and power does not go off during downloading

      • Have you tried to make it bootable without checking hash. may be the hash is not updated on Ubuntu site?

  • Ok i’ll post.

  • lynette

    Hi, I just downloaded CorelDraw 12 and tried to install it. Can you help me to install?

    • Hi, Actually the thing you are asking is against the terms and policy of site and it violates it. That’s why we cannot give here. I apologize.

  • Yes of course.

  • It can’t be. Because I installed this ubuntu on multiple machines and it works fine. There might be issue in your settings.

  • I mean that this software is working fine for me.

  • You need to check you pc.

    • nour

      Explain please,as this problem faces me in every O.S i download..
      I will be grateful if you reply.Thanks in advance

  • Thanks Alan for appreciation. Actually the mission of this site is to provide Official Untouched setups of software in single direct link. Even if that is of 20GB we provide it in single link. As far as your question is concerned we don’t provide that. Because it violates our site policies. The main edge of our site on others is that we provide offline installer of all big software. Where as there original vendors may require registration or provide installers. But we provide Offline installer of all giant software. We also test each setup before uploading. Please read our mission page.

  • Awais Mughal


  • Okay I’ll post it.

  • Did you tried to install other linux?

  • Okay We’ll post it soon.

  • Welcome 🙂 Please Keep visiting and share my links with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • shahzaib

    plesse help me mera pc dvd room show nhe krta or na he boot ?

  • Did you try to find that in Google?

  • Mujeeb Noor

    Miss. kindly provide (1)Best antivrius software.
    (2)software to watch live tv.
    (3)How to remove virus form computer;
    (4)website to make dmc for school.

    • All such softwares are uploaded. Try the top right search bar.

  • Ramkumar Subramaniam

    Hi Fatima, am trying to download WIndows 7 64 Bit from here. I have a new HP touchsmart 15 windows 8.1, when I load this as bootable DVD then windows will install fine,? Plz reply. Also on Drivers for my HP (Chipset, Audio, Wireless etc ) what i have to do, are drivers are loaded in Windows 7 by default? Will be thankful to you if you can clarify

    • You can install it without issues. As far as drivers are concerned. Some drivers are already present in Windows 7. You can also use DriverPack Solution 14 to install all drivers.

      • Ramkumar Subramaniam

        Thanks Fatima.,great, but driverpooksack 14 looks huge, plz guide or send me the links if you have

        • Thats huge because it has all drivers of all pc laptop models.

  • Update your graphics drivers.

  • Disappointed

    If something seems too good to be true, it almost always is. This would be a wonderful site if it was in fact what it appears to be, but of course, it doesn’t work. I should have known.

  • Prathamesh Mainikar

    Hi Fatima.
    I am currently using Dell Inspiron 15 3521 which is running on windows 8.1 pro. And now i am tired of using windws 8.1. So can i now install windows 7 on it ?
    If yes then will i have to download its drivers for windows 7 seperately?
    If there is any grammar mistaken then i am sorry

    • Your English is great. Don’t apologize 🙂

      You can install windows 7 on it. By I would suggest that Windows 8.1 is better and good. It has more performance. So stick with 8.1 🙂

  • I personally tested windows 7 64 bit and it is working. I think your dvd writing tool is corrupting or your downloaded file is not complete. Use IDM Download Manager and use USB for installation.

  • Sounds Great. 🙂

  • You can search that in Google. Sorry we only provide official setup only.

  • Yup it is great.

  • Imela

    Hello Fatima, Please do help me out. Currently am using windows XP which is out of service and no technical support for it. I want to know if I can download new windows either 7 or 8 on same place on my pc or how do I go about it cause I don’t have windows CD but would like to have it where my XP is. Am not a computer guru so please help me.

  • It is not survey site. It is file hosting site.

  • Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Thanks for asking. Windows 9 is not official released yet. When it is released I’ll post it.

  • I have noted down your request.

  • Why you can’t download? What error you get?

  • Aqeel

    Dear Fatima, thank you so much for this website. I’m sure a a lot of effort to maintain this website. i have a request for you to upload window 7 black edition. Thanks.

  • Imela

    Hi Fatima, i downloaded office 2007. I have a question.

    • Did you even try to search it in Google before asking question?

  • You can use driverpack solution.

  • Your words mean a lot to me. Thanks for appreciating.
    Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • These are official setups. However these can be installed without license. You can continue using them as trial.

  • Sure I’ll do it.

  • Thanks for nice comment. You can subscribe to my site.

  • Thanks for appreciating. 🙂 This is mystique theme for wordpress.

  • Okay I have noted it down.

  • You can search the required on Google.

  • Which version? I tried and link works.

  • Which error you got?

  • Sure. You can like our Page and comment there.

  • Yeah they are.

  • Demiana

    your website is wonderful could you please upload Wilcom Embroidery studio e3. Thanks for everything

  • I suggest to turn off updates.

  • You can search the required thing in Google.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Most welcome 🙂

  • Standard version is not uploaded yet. But we have Professional version.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • use usb pen drive and install using wintoflash.

  • My suggestion is to stick with windows. It is better. I am using Mac right now but still miss windows.

    • chetan29

      yes ur rite.. windows is better..but now i need to have experience with mac,,i searched in for mac os, i did not get it. so pls tell me how can i do that ?

      thank you 🙂

  • Okay sure.

  • Munish Kirpal

    Dear Fatima I have downloaded Microsoft 2007 Professional.

    • Thanks you can easily find the required thing from Google.

  • You can follow the extra step.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • This is already on our list.

  • Why would you need that? Use this ISO image as it is for making USB bootable.

  • You can search the details in Google.

  • Thanks for feedback. I want to assure that each setup we upload is tested and working. I’m sure that setup might have been corrupted after your download.

  • We can only provide official untouched setups. You can search your required info on net.

  • Thank you so much 🙂

  • Oh I’m so sorry. I’ll suggest you to install avast free antivirus. After installation update it. Then scan your PC. Do report any threats caught. So that I can update setup accordingly.

  • You are Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Sure. I’ll upload. This is already on our list.

  • You can Download .NET framework from our site. Just search it on top right and you’ll get option. Otherwise you can also see the option of Installing the option.

  • Thank you so much for appreciation. I have noted down your request. I’ll post this tool soon.

  • Well. That’s strange. Because there is nothing wrong with Download Server. Can you try some other Download Manager.

  • I’ll soon post it.

  • There might be some other issue.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Can you open pc in safe mode and check if same thing happens.

  • I prefer avast antivirus. I have experience with others as well. But avast is best.

  • You need to sign in to avast and create account. Then free antivirus will work forever. Secondly use Office 2013 standard version. For logo creation use this software.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • You are most welcome. I’m using Mystique theme for wordpress. The site is hosted on dedicated server of

  • What problem are you facing?

  • You can try other audio processing tools as well.

  • The files which require survey are fake and they are not working. You can download all softwares from here.

  • Thank you so much. No one has praised my efforts like the way you did. Keep visiting my site and keep sharing with your friends. You are so kind.

    • Muhammad Nasir

      Please add some MAC OS setup installation over VMWare.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • I’ll try to post it dear.

  • Yes it works great.

  • the format is ISO. It is not in winrar form. Winrar only displays its icon. You should follow instructions to make usb bootable.

  • zaid khan

    please tell me that what is protected archive installation time after download software.

  • Okay. I’ll upload andy android emulator soon.

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback. You can follow this guide. There is a step in this guide where you format your PC.

  • I’ll try to post it.

  • Yrafaj Jafary

    Thank you very much for all the efforts you are putting in to run this website…

    • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Wow cool man. You can upload them to your Google Drive. Then share it with my email address: [email protected]

    Waiting for you. 🙂

  • Thank you so much buddy. Share it with your friends.

  • import java.util.Random;

    /** Generate 10 random integers in the range 0..99. */
    public final class RandomInteger {

    public static final void main(String… aArgs){
    log(“Generating 10 random integers in range 0..99.”);

    //note a single Random object is reused here
    Random randomGenerator = new Random();
    for (int idx = 1; idx <= 10; ++idx){
    int randomInt = randomGenerator.nextInt(100);
    log("Generated : " + randomInt);


    private static void log(String aMessage){

  • Hehe. Did you try to scan PC for any virus? May be there is hidden malware trying to slow down PC?

  • Thanks for guide.

  • You are Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Okay sure. I’ll give it a look.

  • You are most Welcome. 🙂 Please Share my website with others 🙂 Follow Getintopc on Facebook and Twitter 🙂

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback 🙂

  • You can install windows 7 Home Basic.

  • Sure. I’ll upload.

  • Hi Derek. I read your comment on other thread that it is now working. So Good luck.

  • Use IDM Download Manager for fast and error free.

  • Yup it might slow down your PC.

  • idm only download fast and error free. It does not consume more.

  • Mayana Sighbathulla Khan

    Dear fatima i have oracle 12c how to share in this site

  • You’ll have hard time installing Mac on a non-mac machine. it doesn’t work all the time. You should buy an apple mac 🙂

  • We provide official untouched setups.

  • Yes we have. Search it in site.

  • Install Firefox and install it’s addon Downthemall.

  • plz sister disable person ky liay be earn many ki site send ker day this is my skype id razaq.awan3

  • You are most welcome 🙂

  • This is SP1.

  • Welcome.

  • I’m so sorry you had to face this. I’ll remove this file right away. I apologize again 🙁

  • I updated another file.

  • Which version?

  • Can you double check if your download is 100% completed?

  • Most welcome 🙂

  • Bharat Ribadiya

    Please Upload Cyberlink Ditector suite 3

  • Tamjeed Sanderwale

    my lap need windows installer3.1 for installing any sftwr .where i get ‘win instllr3.1’ setup in this site plz….

    • Which setup of software need this? I’ll soon post windows installer 3.1 setup.

  • Girish Kumar

    its sooooo nice

  • Fellow

    ahem ahem 😀

  • I think it will run cool.

  • Every basic software is available.

  • Your words mean a lot for me.

  • Your words mean a lot for me.

    • Saqlain Raza.


  • Like Winrar. CCleaner..Avast. net framework etc.

  • Zohaib Satti

    A.o.A Admin plz tell us something about how to make video games free

  • Yes I have read your comment and video. I think you should install all updates in window. Secondly sign in using windows live account in your windows 8.1

    Also update all of your chipset and graphics driver. The window works great for me.

  • Shafique Ahmed

    i want arabic calligraphy software kelk. please upload it. thank you.

  • Thank you so much for comment. Actually we don’t work on Ebooks and PDFs. We currently work on Official untouched setup.

  • You are awesome. Thanks for comment and feedback. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • You are most welcome.

  • We only provide official untouched ISO files.

  • Keraphat Worapiphatthanakul

    i’m cant download

  • Which error are you getting?

  • Thanks for feedback. Actually we can only provide official setups. You can get further info from Google.

  • You are most welcome. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • use surfing tunnel.

  • Your download is interrupting. Use idm to download.

  • You should find drivers for windows 10.

  • There are pro version available for portuguese.



  • all are present in site. Search for them.

  • Use IDM Download Manager. Make sure your download is completed 100%. Match the size of download as well.

  • Yeah windows 7 sounds good.

  • Sorry dear we can only provide official untouched setup. You can get further information from Google.

  • Message me on official Facebook Page.

  • jamshed Ali

    AoA Muhtarma !
    I am facing a strange problem since last 3 days which is
    .I am observing a Blank Box instead of movie/ clip/ vid running on youtube and daily motion. I have installed latest version of Flash player time and again( installed then uninstalled and reinstall), restart my system ( window 7 is running in my system) but failed to catch the desired result. 2nd problem is the icon of IDM is not visible at the right top corner or bottom left corner, though I rectified the extension and plug in problem but still the issue is at the same place.even it is not working with Surfing Tunnel and Cyber Ghost as well ( Mozila firefox is the browser )
    Help me sister I am in thick soup rather in a pond of glue, samad bond and taaar coal ;(

  • Okay 😉

  • I’m sorry we are only allowed to post official untouched setup versions. You can try some alternate tools like Libreoffice.

  • I’m sorry we only work on windows. 😉

  • Buy HP Probook Series laptop. These have amazing battery timing and they never get heated.
    8GB RAM..1GB AMD Card…Core i5

  • You are most welcome. This is already on our list and we’ll post it soon.

  • Thank you so much. You are amazing.

  • Thanks philip. share this site with all of your friends.

  • Thanks John for telling me. I’ll surely look into this and will correct it.

  • Thanks for kind feedback. Sure I’ll upload it.

  • You are most welcome. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • This is customized mystique theme for wordpress.

  • Thanks for your kind feedback. Actually we only provide official setup of Applications.

  • I’m using Mystique theme for wordpress. Thanks for appreciating my work.

  • ashish singh

    First of all thanks for this.I have installed windows 7 home premium and its working fine.Do i have to turn the windows update off?

    • Thank you so much for kind feedback. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • You can reformat it using android recovery.

  • Use IDM to download.

  • Wow sounds amazing. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • Click on download button and it will download. use IDM Download Manager for fast and error free download.

  • Ok I’ll see.

  • Sure I’ll upload.

  • Mount the ISO image to Virtual drive using daemon tools or UltraISO

  • Yes you can.

  • Thanks buddy.

  • Agelu Pogisa

    Whao… I am just shocked. never thought such and awesome site existed… I wanted to say thanks to the team behind the curtains. Keep up the amazing work…. Thanks to the team

    • Your kind words mean a lot for me. Thank you so much. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • which gta game are you trying to play?

  • These simple tweaks can be found from Google.

  • we don’t use hosting. We have dedicated server for this site.

  • Which autocad version are you trying to use?

  • check your mail.

  • lot of database apps are posted already

  • Inspirevida

    I love this website…. really…. One thing I couldn’t get is quickbooks for mac…. can someone help me??? Thanks

    • Thank you so much for kind reply. Actually we work on Windows tools only. I really apologize that I can’t do help on this.

  • Ibrahim Hassan

    Can you please upload assassin’s creed brotherhood i need that game plz 🙂

  • Which error do you get?

  • Simply download and install.

  • I have noted down your request and will post it soon

  • Mount the iso file and install the setup from that.

  • Install Zorin via USB. In setup you’ll automatically be prompted to install along side with Windows.

  • Yes ofcourse.

  • You are most welcome. please share this with all of your friends.

  • These are legal copies and official trial version

  • You can skip that.

  • LAN drivers are automatically installed in ubuntu

  • Okay I have noted it and will look into soon.

  • There is no problem on our side. We already provide good download speed. You should upgrade your internet 🙂 Use IDM

  • Sreenath G

    hi admin in my laptop all the files and folders are showing in a shortcut fashion(in all the drives),i scanned using macafee,Avast,quick heal they shows no threats found.what to do to overcome this problem?

  • yeah that’s already on our to do list?

  • I’m not sure what issue is in your settings. I’m sorry

  • You can’t. You can tell us your requirement and we’ll post it

  • Okay I have noted your request and will post it soon.

  • Depends on your download speed.

  • Thanks for visiting this site. keep sharing it.

  • Sorry but we only post official untouched ISO file. You have to enter your own number to active.

  • Muhammad Awais

    How to install Microsoft office 2013 without burning CD’s

    • Simply mount the ISO to virtual drive. You can use ultraiso

    • Mount the iso file to virtual drivr using software ultraiso

  • Anthony

    Good Day, M/s Fatima Afridi,
    You are the best and most honest person on the internet!!!!!
    I really appreciate your time & advice!!!!
    I am retired and live in South Africa, I believe you are from New York?
    I downloaded your ISO Windows 7 64 bit ultimate but it is not complete it only runs for 3 days then I have to re install it???
    You are really helping poor people world wide!!!!!!
    Kind regards, Anthony.

    • Well Thanks for message. You shouldn’t be worried about that notification. Window can still be used after 3 days. It will just give message.

  • Rehan Siddiqui

    Please Add Windows CE Emulator for Win XP..

  • How much drives you have on PC? May be the software is looking for space in C Drive?

  • There might be some issue on your side. For me these are working. I think there might be some software or virus in your PC

  • Hello Ameer,

    I see your problem and faced it myself, i realize it’s been long time and you probably figured out something but in case you haven’t and for others who face this.. i’ll guide you through how to solve this issue, but first let’s see what causes it.

    1) Could actually be a bug in a process, as there’re many famous bugs that get the CPU out of control and sometimes lead to overheat (e.g. WmiPrvSE.exe)

    Note: Don’t panic there’s nothing to worry about and usually fixing CPU and RAM overload/use is easy.

    2) Could be your anti-virus! Yes seriously could be Avast or something.

    3) Could be system idle process, you can track it through task manager.

    4) Too many background processes but as you mentioned you don’t have many running programs.

    5) Could be software drivers issues. But i reckon this is rare.

    6) Last thing as far as i’m concerned is a virus or worm hit your PC.

    You need to scan your system using Malwarebytes, trust me it will do the job in case there was anything causing CPU overload, if your system is clean then type in MSConfig in run window to view startup programs, uncheck suspicions programs.

    Have a look at your processes in your task manager and see what process is eating your resources, now regularly browsers use a lot of power so i reckon to uninstall then re-install your Google Chrome. I would also say try uninstalling your anti-virus.

    Note: usually your system fixes the issue automatically just give it time.

    Microsoft actually provides clean-up tools.

  • When you open subscribe page. Simply click on button “Get feed via Email”

  • Okay sure.

  • Which dll is missing. Send me complete message

  • Erik Siggerud Skogen

    I have just downloaded a piece of software of about 3.5 gb. This a free kopi in some form of the Windows 7 Ultimate, AND I want to know what kind og file this really is. More porecisely: How to use this valuable file on behalf of a new installation og the OS program, or what else?

  • DVD can be used. But just copying ISO file won’t make it bootable.

  • You need to purchase from official store.

  • Yeah I have already noted it and will post it soon.

  • Use proper tool like Windows USB DVD tool.

  • Sorry but we only post official setup. You can search for other info in google.

  • Thank you so much for appreciating.

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • aadil

    how i can install zip file

  • You should use IDM software for complete and error free downloads.

  • Well come. You cam buy domain and hosting from many companies like godaddy bluehost. Then you can install wordpress on it.

  • Yes it is legit and your own license will work

  • You are most welcome. Please share it as much as you can.

  • Your download seems corrupted.

  • You don’t have to burn it to DVD. Simply mount it using ultraiso

  • Ofir

    Thank you for this great website.

    I’ve just downloaded “SharePoint Server 2010” and the setup file opens as it should, but when I click on “Install SharePoint Server” or any other button in the menu, nothing happens.

    Please let me know about solutions.

    Kind Regards,

  • Thanks .. Alot for this site ….. love u …… i m very happy i got the Software which i want to download …..

    • You are most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Okay I’ll post it.

  • There was no need to burn ISO. You just simply had to mount it to Virtual drive. You can use ultraiso or daemon tools lite.

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site to all of your friends.

  • install idm download manager

  • I’ll check this file. I’m sorry you had to face this.


  • use idm download manager

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site with all of your friends.

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • Are you serious or drunk? People are dying for single link resumable download and you are asking for parts?

    Use IDM which gives resume capability.

  • Install directx 9 and 11.

  • Ooops. Thanks for telling me. I have updated that

  • IDM still is better for your case. download using that and pause when you are shutting down

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • Hamza Ali

    this website is very best site for me

  • Hamza Ali

    I want to say for the admin of this site that please add the android 5.0 iso file for pc.

  • Which links?

  • This is complete installable XP. (It also includes SP3).
    So it is two in one

  • engr_garcia

    I downloaded autoCAD 2007. What to write in the Dealer and Dealer phone?

  • which file is giving you issue?

  • use downthemall addon.

  • Thank you so much 🙂

  • There seems to be some hardware issue or virus.

  • Okay sure.

  • Welcome. Please share this site as much as you can

  • Clear your cookies and cache and re try it.

  • Rana Ali Hassan

    Hello @Fatima Afridi , your work is awesome ……. and i appreciate it …. again i say it’s awesome … please keep it up

  • Filezilla

    • But site hosting cannot bear the load of files download.

  • Okay I’ll do

  • yeah

  • Welcome. Keep sharing

  • Thanks for appreciating. Share this site.

  • clear your cookies and cache and retry it.

  • Harry magar

    hello i’m harry . i’m learning japanese . but i need “Instant Immersion Japanese” this software can i get it please …!!!

  • Our downloads are resume capable. use Downthemall Addon of Mozilla or use IDM.

  • OUr servers support resume feature. Use Downthemall addon of Mozilla.

  • Yes there are couple of tools posted in site.

  • These are official trial version. We provide offline installers.

  • sure I’ll add

  • Okay I have noted it. I’ll soon post it.

  • Thank you so much for detailed guide. Yeah actually few other sites were stealing content from this site so I installed code to block copy.

  • I just checked it and it works.

  • Welcome. Share this site.

  • Yes. After default 30 days time they’ll ask for license.

  • Very nice web.. Great work mam.. this is like a gift for students

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can

  • Simply install fresh windows 7 64bit

  • Okay sure.

  • Most welcome. Share this as much as you can

  • Share my site if you like it

  • You are most welcome. Share it with all friends.

  • Yes ofcourse. I would love that.

  • Wow sounds good. You can help me answering other people comments.

  • Which version of Corel Painter you installed? We only posted official releases. Those programs must have been offered by corel installer.

    Didn’t you see any option to uncheck those during installation. I’m sure they ask permission before installing extra addons

  • Aman

    I wonder to see everything is available on this website. This website have a bright future..

  • Yes it must be included.

  • Matlab versions are already posted.

  • amar

    this is about sales order

  • This is Official Demo Trial Version on site. Users need to purchase license for complete features.

    Let me know if you need further details.

  • I’ll soon upload that.

  • My suggestion is to Download language Pack after installation. You can install updates and Every language pack in Windows updates.

  • Zain Raza

    Far cry 4 is not working for me, where can i discuss that?

    • Comment under solvetube post of far cry 4 installation

  • Rafeeque J Rahman

    plz upload sap2000, I would be very thankfull THANK YOU

    • Okay sure. I have noted your request and I’ll post it.

  • Patrick James

    Fatima a Big accolades for you!!!!…I love the website…… 🙂

  • Ghazan Ali

    thanks to you for this website:Fatima Afridi

  • I am really happy to see the all the Latest OS are easily available. Good site

  • Download works great. Clear your cookies and cache and retry using Chrome and Downthemall Addon

  • Thank you so much. Our team manually posts on Facebook. That ID is linked with twitter.

  • contact us on official fb page

  • Okay I have noted your request and will work on it.

  • Okay we’ll post.

  • Sibli Abdul

    pls add hypermesh

  • okay sure I’ll post it

    • zain khan

      Hi Can u provide me tutorial of graphics designing…

  • You are most welcome. Please share this site as much as you can.

  • Okay sure. I have noted down your request.

  • Yes?

    • william

      Please show me how to install the game but you didn’t replied me your new friend:WILLIAM

  • Have you updated the graphics drivers?

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback. Share this site if you like it.

  • Thank you so much for appreciating my work.

  • Dominic Cavallaro

    Thanks Fatima . I mounted sw2014 on daemon lite and ran setup up. It seems however that I can only get free add ons without an actual license. Is there anything I can do Thanks again . dominic

  • I really appreciate your work, this is a great website for all of us. I have already bookmarked this site and will be visiting more often.

  • Amazing review

  • kamesh

    very awesome website its really good information.

  • We have our own

  • Niti

    HI Fatima please if you can help me… Thank you for the download but i an not able to install the same…

  • Rasul Amin

    Dear Fatima first of all bundle of thanks for such site. this site is very helpful for such like me. THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR THIS USEFUL SITE

  • Did you try official drivers? Does your board support the OS which you are currently running?

  • No not at all. We are not including any adware inside download setups. This is the main thing which make us unique against softonic, CNET and others. They include installer based setup. But we are giving official untouched setup. Please read our mission. Also let me know which file you downloaded from our site and found adware in that?

  • Thank you so much. This means a lot to me. You made my day.

  • Okay I’ll look into this

  • Filename may be different. But it is including MEP

  • Take it to nearest mobile repairing shop and flash it with English firmware.

  • Prashant Raikwar

    Hello Fatima Afridi Ji
    My Pen drive has become Write Protect.
    Please solve this problem.

    Please upload any software.

    • This is hard to resolve. Once this happened with my memory card. I tried several methods online but it was not fixed.

  • Welcome to the forum.

  • Scott

    win server 2008 r2 seems to keep bombing out and the download is very slow. Has anyone else had success here ?

  • Okay I’m sorry. I’ll look into this

  • Thank you for appreciating. How much speed were you getting and let me know the IP address as well. How many files were you downloading in parallel

  • Yup it is same. Give it a try and Let me know your feedback

  • Elieser Portuondo

    Hello do you guys think you can get this software
    Club Membership System
    i like that software thank you so much for all this softwares and games.

  • Zdzislaw

    If you really want 8 you can download from here:
    and 8.1 from here:
    Just scroll down and choose x32 or x64 version. Click “save”, burn on aDVD or prepare bootable pendrive. That’s it 🙂

    • Thank you so much for helping others. What’s your name?

      • Zdzislaw

        My pleasure Madamme : )
        My name is as stated: Zdzisław.

      • Zdzislaw

        My pleasure Fatima. : ) My name is Zdzisław.

  • Hmm. It seems to be compatible with 32 bit.

    • Don Johnson

      So in other words, I’m SOL and it won’t work with Windows 7 64-bit. Is there another Visual Basic that will work with Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit system?

  • prince

    hello …how can windows 8 install in laptop step by step? i already use windows 7 in my acer V3-571G .i download windows 8 on your site what the size of windows 8?? its still saw download? if i only format my e drive can its ok?or format full my laptop ??

  • Mohesh Jain

    how to make a website.

  • Konrad Sroka

    Can i be a moderator on this website i will upload stuff!

  • Konrad Sroka

    I Shared This Site On Twitter And Facebook

  • Konrad Sroka

    Please could i be a moderator i was never a moderator on a website i will upload stuff when i have free time

    • Thanks for offer. You can help other people by answering

  • Konrad Sroka

    and this website is awsome

  • awsome

    please upload a copy of mac os x 10.5 leopard becuse i need a copy for a old mac….. please…

  • milo9895

    Hey! i finally get the windows 7 home basic iso and the download takes about 2-4 days so help me!!!!!!!

  • Najam Ul Saqib

    Hello Fatima, Can you tell me k ap apni site ki SEO kese karti Ho???

  • I have noted down your request

  • Vista is old to be installed via USB. Did you try burning on DVD?

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • which file you tried to download?

  • These are official trials.

    • Sajjad Khan

      fatima ur website (getintopc) is great…keep up the good work

      • Thank you so much. Share this site.

        • Sajjad Khan

          in sha ALLAH za ba share kom

        • Sajjad Khan

          in sha ALLAH za ba share kom staso website

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • These are working and tested. There might be some conflicts in software or hardware on your side.

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • Thank you so much for guiding others

  • Hey Gabriel, See this page. I have added your info and photo. I hope you won’t mind 🙂

    P.S. All photos were of Halloween celebration 🙂 Only found this one.

  • wilfried

    yosemite download always stops after a few hundred mb

  • Use IDM Download Manager.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • On this site ads are running. I would appreciate if you whitelist in adblock. 🙂
    For the second site we receive donations from fans.

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • Update your idm. There is no issue on our side

  • Caroline

    Good day,

    this site is wonderfull :))))) Did many download for my new laptop.
    **** just to advise that there was a problem downloading the McAfee, tried it twice…the secon time said mcafee server not available !?!… Downloaded the AVG instead ! And all is well !
    Many thanks again !
    Enjoy your day !

  • Sure. Please give my article page in reference

  • use ultraiso or daemon toolks lite

  • sairockz

    fatima plzzz share maxpayne 3 game link

    • John John Singh

      Go to to download it

  • okay.

  • Sorry these are for PC

  • This seems your net issue.

  • There is no issue on my side.

  • What doesn’t work?

  • Click on disk icon

  • Rufus is for USB.

  • Thank you so much for suggesting.

  • Well best of luck for second try 🙂 This Works for me. By the way why don’t you try it via USB? Use wintoflash

  • petree yep yep

    man can I get some help . I have followed all instructions and it wont open. I guess Linux is bad because ive been asking for help and aint getting know were

    • Your installation seems messed up. I’m currently on LInux and it is working great.

  • Okay sure. I’ll look into your request.

  • You are most welcome. You can contact me on Official FB page

  • You are welcome

  • Use Linux if you are familiar. New window users find it hard to switch to Linux

  • You are most welcome. Please share this as much as you can

  • Hi mam u r the role model for me i need some help to develope my website in search engine

    how to get this type of links in google search engine please help me i wasted 3 years in learning wordpress please you r my only hope

    • Welcome. You need to work hard on building community. Give answers to visitors etc

  • Your words mean a lot for me

  • You can create it

  • Muhammad Arslan

    I want to install Windows 10 not technical preview Can you help me dear?

  • The link is working great.

  • Link is working. I just checked. Which browser are you using?

  • Richardcollins100

    I have successfully downloaded the free version of visio 2007

  • I am very impressed by your work, i really liked it.

  • The link is working for me. Which Browser are you using? Clear your cookies and cache and re try

  • Thank you so much for offer. You can let us know details on contact at getintopc dot com

  • Thank you so much for kind words

  • I’ll include this

  • I’ll look into this.

  • You are most welcome

    • Harsh

      How can I download the HDL coder through which I can convert the .m file into vhdl file.Please reply asap

    • hassan ali

      Miss Fatimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i neeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddddd helppppppppppp???????

  • Harsh

    how can download the HDL coder ? Please reply asap

  • hassan ali

    does any one listens here???

  • Harsh

    How can download the HDL coder ??

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Please follow the installation video.

  • Thanks for feedback. 🙂 It’s complicated

  • You are most welcome.

  • Adeel

    Hello Fatima i love this site i am facing a huge problem please help me how can i remove a password from a rar file i forgot the password and unable to open my personal stuff plz plz tell me a working software which take less time to decode. Plz

  • Thank you so much for feedback. We’ll work on points highlighted by you

  • Use IDM to download. Pause and resume it if it gets stuck

  • KwongTN

    Hi, I’ve made a portable version of Adobe CC 2014 Oct. Please check the following link, thank you and wish you luck! 😀

    • Thanks. Are all of these tested deeply? Are they free from any malware? Then I’ll post these in site.

    • On which Operating systems have you tested this portable edition?

  • Okay I’ll check these first and will post if successful.
    Thank you so much for your effort and hardwork.

  • I have tested it and it works great.

  • Best of luck.

  • Thanks. I have noted your request.

  • We only post official untouched ISO files which are legit.

  • You can download language packs later on as well.

    • Sandy

      Could you point me in the right direction? I looked but I didn’t find them. Sorry to bother you. Just the name of the file or where is located on your site, it would be perfect. Thanks in advance.

      • I’m sorry if i didn’t explained it in detail. You can install language packs using windows updates or control panel and regional language settings

  • Use Google Chrome or Mozilla to download. Clear your cookies and cache as well.

  • Yes ofcourse. I have noted down your request.

  • 🙂 Thanks.

  • Please forward all details to contact at getintopc dot com

  • use idm download manager. It gives fast download speed along with pause and resume support.

  • I think it is write protected 🙂

  • which one? Can you post URL? What error are you getting?

  • Sure. How can I help you?

  • Fatehyab89

    Fatima Afridi :
    Really This website is amaizing , wonderfull and supperb 🙂 100%
    and Plz upload sd card password breaking softwear for pc 🙂 plz plz plz

  • James

    Dear Fatima, I have downloaded windows XP pro SP3 image file from your website and have successfully installed it on my 8.1 machine from an external hard drive using WMWare but the windows installer has requested the product license. Where do I get this?

    • Install from the label of your PC.

      • James

        Hello Fatima, thank you for your quick response to my query. Unfortunately windows 8 was pre-installed on my laptop so I don’t have a license for my machine. Any suggestions?

  • Thank you for feedback. Sure I’ll post it.

  • Sure. I have noted this and will soon post it.

  • sinto johnson

    dear fathima i like ur site and ur uploads these are very useful in every person in the word you did a wonder ful job god bless u and give me one help
    please upload civil estimation softwares

  • Saibalan Sb

    Hi dear,
    Greak Work dear…must say..

  • Waleed Raza

    hello fatima ! thumbs up for ur good work (y) >> really appriciated >> and a request tht i have recently searched the game resident evil 4 but link was removed ?? can u plz upload the game res evil 4 ?

  • P G

    Hi, I only found the site a couple of weeks ago and I’m absolutely loving it, well done.
    I was actually looking for an iso for Autodata 3.40 to run on Windows 7 32bit, have you ever looked into this, or would you have any plans in that direction?

    • Thank you for feedback. I’ll look into your request.

  • Thank you so much for feedback. I’ll look into your request.

  • w3wchools is good. Keep learning. Thanks for kind feedback.

  • By the way, as an investor, tech and web designer myself, I must say well done to your hard work and knowledge.

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • Upgrade your ram or buy dedicated card.

  • Thanks for kind words

  • Leo

    hi Fatima,the sides were better when they are available in more language,it is possible?

  • Thank you so much for feedback.

  • Thanks

  • What issues?

  • Kuba

    Fatima Afridi. I downloaded your saints row 3 which is amazing and thanks for it. But i cant play online. It always says There is no steam matchmaking available. And for some reson i cant play with my friends:(

  • Naeem Shah

    hi Fatima Afridi..i love ur new hear, i joined it 1 day b4…i hv probplm…my laptop has been banned by admn on online game site, how i can unban my laptop again ? waiting for ur rply…thanks

    • change your IP.

      • Naeem Shah

        i changed my laptop window, but im still having the same problem 🙁

  • Thanks for kind words.

  • Thank you so much for kind words

  • Sure. I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Thanks for guiding others.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Thank you so much for appreciating.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • The servers are in parallel for load balancing. Just resume the previous link in IDM and it should work.

  • Sure. I have noted down your request and will soon post it.

  • Thanks for feedback. None of the file on our site is password protected. The file is iso extendion. Simply mount it using daemon tools lite.

  • Matt Robinson

    Fatima thanks for your help but the download of daeamon tool lite conflicts with my Chrome browser and would not let me download. Any other suggestions?

    I have another problem …I downloaded Autodesk Autocad 2013 and it seems this is only a 30 day trial

    My understanding was that the software downloads were free and unrestricted ?

    • Matt you can install UltraISO to mount ISO files to virtual drive.

  • Nope. It wont cause any issue.

  • Use IDM Download Manager for fast and error free download.

  • You can use USB

  • Thank you so much. You are most welcome 🙂

  • Thank you so much for kind words. 🙂

  • I’ll soon post it 🙂

  • I have that but not for PC 🙂

  • cath

    Hi Fatima,

    Are all these installers trial versions only? So it would be like after 30 days it will not be used anymore? I really love them.. But what should I do if it expires..
    Thank you and I would really appreciate your help.


  • Sure. I have noted down your request and will post soon

  • May be some hardware issue or window got corrupted? Try to reinstall fresh windows.

  • Brijms

    First, click on the wireless icon in your taskbar and under Related Tasks, choose Change advanced settings.

    Now click on the Wireless Networks tab and select the network in the list at the bottom. Click on Properties once you select the wireless network that is having problems.

    Click on the Authentication tab and now uncheck the Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for this network box. If the box was checked, then that was why you were getting the “unable to find a certificate to log you on to the network” message because Windows is looking for one, but your wireless router is not setup for certificate security.

    Once you uncheck the box, the issue should be resolved.

    The box to “Enable IEEE 802.1x authentication for the network” should NOT be checked.
    You should have installed Service Pack 3 as part of your restoration efforts, Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not able to connect to wireless networks that use WPA2 encryption (which is what you are — and should be — using). Older hardware also may be unable to connect using WPA2, but that doesn’t seem to be your issue because you connected before the restore and can connect now using Linux.
    There is a Catch-22: Windows Update will not install any updates for XP (including Service Pack 3) unless you have Service Pack 3 installed.
    Connect your computer to your router with an Ethernet cable and do the following:
    •If your PC is an HP Pavilion, Presario or Media Center and has an AMD processor, install the following fix before you install SP3 –>
    •Download SP3 from –> (ignore the warnings about network installations and IT professionals)
    •After you install SP3, go to Windows Update and install the many post-SP3 updates; several reboots will likely be necessary
    •Now follow the following steps to get your wifi connection back:
    1.Right-click on the icon for your wireless connection and select Properties
    2.Select the Wireless Networks tab
    3.Confirm that the box to “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” is CHECKED
    4.Remove all entries in the list of “Preferred networks”
    5.Click “View wireless networks,” select yours, carefully enter your WPA2 passphrase, and click Connect
    If you can’t connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable for any reason, use another computer (e.g., the one you’re using to post questions here) to download the fix from the HP site and SP3 installer from the Microsoft site and copy them to a USB flash drive or burn them to a CD. Then copy the files to the desktop your your computer and run them as if you had downloaded them.

  • Install from driverpack latest version

  • Buck Rogers

    Dear Fatima Asslam…. Great web site! Do you take request? Could you please upload Windows 7 Diamond Violet 2010 x86 Edition? Thank you!

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Welcome. Direct link can be viewed in browser after download is started.

    • Mohammad Alzahlof

      ya i see that, but if i send that link to my friend, that can’t download it !
      and please can i know where your upload the file, is in you host or by uploader site?

      thank you 🙂

  • What error do you get?

  • Yes ofcourse. 🙂

  • Yup. It is official untouched ISO.

  • Okay I’ll look into this.

  • Clear your cookies and cache and retry

  • Jehangir Iqbal

    I really appreciate alot of your professional work and support with open and broad mind. It is not an ordinary effort, it is unique and special attitude which is very rare to find around. Lead from the front as role make different and at top of others. I am wishing best for you

  • I have noted down your request.

  • You should read requirements for every game and install the one which matches 🙂

  • Cory Albertson

    i have downloaded the revit 2015 version and all i can make out is folders on folders of things i don’t know and cant find the actual revit program? What do i need to do after the download?

  • Jim

    Thanks for your help,, Great work !

  • Sure.

  • Thank you for kind words.

  • Md Kuthub

    hi Fathima i like both of ur 2 websites its really helpful for me to download a lot from it,but most of the people try to protect pcs in secure(antivirus) manner.everyday i go to antivirus page for checking a newly version of internet security like AVG,KASPERSKY and McAfee & upload these s/w for 32bit and 64bit it will helpful for me and my friends. i am waiting for your post bye

  • Naeem Qureshi

    HI this is my 1st day here n I am already in love with this website as its so simple n every game n software is uploaded in detail I am really sad that why I didn’t find this website b4 Thank You very much site creators for making an awesome website….. (Y)

  • Waqas Khan

    Admin plz upload the latest built of windows 10 built 10074…..!!!

  • Solomon Junior Mabaso

    this website its just make my day thanks Fatima*****lots of love

  • ghani

    Dear admin,

    Asslam o Alikum; i need english to urdu dictionary application sowfter .whose work offline……..plz can you give link………………………..thank your for attention……….
    Regard…….ghani hashmi

  • Thanks for kind words

  • Don’t say sorry 🙂

    I think PC is not properly compatible for FIFA

  • contact at getintopc dot com

  • Salam I need Call of duty Black ops for my mac please

  • This is working great for me. Try running it via compatibility mode

  • Thank you so much Usama for highlighting issues. I’ll have a meeting with my article writers.

    Can you please send me detailed email with example errors so that I can forward to article writers team to fix.

    contact at getintopc dot com

  • LadyU-Hoon

    Hi Fatima. Not sure what happened to my question posted earlier here but here I am again to ask you about CorelDRAW 12 installer. Can you provide me an installer of CorelDRAW 12? I tried downloading the one you have here but when I clicked after it was done downloading, it was asking to have the file burn into the CD. I actually have a CD of the program but the CD-DVD ROM seemed to be not working properly so I cannot install the program on the computer. I hope you can help me with this. Thanks in advance!

    • You don’t need to burn it in real. Simply download ultraISO and mount ISO file to virtual drive. Then start installation

      • LadyU-Hoon

        Hello again Fatima. I already have the virtual drive but I am having problem installing the program I got from your page. I could not make it install. A message saying Graphic Suite 12.msi not found (1155:File). Can you help me?

  • Hello Admin,
    I have question about storing data files on your website. Do you linked a local server with this website to store files or bought any huge hosting plane to store such a huge data.Thanks.

    • We have bought multiple dedicated servers for this purpose.

  • Thank you for kind offer. We’ll look into this and will get back to you.

  • Go into Nvidia settings and in add program section. Then add the .exe into it. Run with high Performance.

  • Please don’t apologize. Thank you for comment and feedback.

  • I have purchased servers from

  • Alberto VazSan

    Dear Fatima Afridi do you have the software solidworks 2015 i have the 2014 premium but a wish the most recently can u help me?? regards

  • Eddie

    Hi, i just downloaded the EPLAN Electric P8 for 64 bites , the download was successful

  • Stephen

    Good work, a lot of dedication and burning zeal to help others. I say BIG THANK YOU Fatima, i have not stopped thanking God Almighty for the day i saw your website. Nevertheless, i have a little help to ask, in my Country Nigeria, network is a bit down here, like i have tried to download Red Hat Linux OS for more than Three times it will download at a time it will cut. please, HOW CAN YOU HELP ME?… my email is [email protected]. thanks

    • Thank you for message. Can you try Internet Download Manager?

  • I used cutom PHP code using wp_list_categories function. You can search this functions example on Google.

  • Burn the iso file to CD.

  • Thank you so much for kind words

  • khokhar912

    Hey! I want free software of removing Watermarks from the images. Can you help me with that one?
    I want Photo stamp remover or something better than this. Thanks

  • lambe abiodun

    please dear fatima a good job well-done,

  • Molly

    Hi Fatima, Thank you for your 2007 MS Office download

  • Thanks 🙂

    • Armaan Mehdi

      alsalaam alaikum fatima
      i need a help yesterday i had downloded the windows 8.1 enterprisebuild 9600 64bit i have installed sucessfull

  • Clear your cookies and cache and try idm for downloads

  • Thanks 😉

  • 🙂

  • Check your email. I have sent.

  • You first need to create partitions.

  • Check your email.

  • Kate

    Hi Fatima, thank you so much for having so many programs available.

  • Simply use Rufus.

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • Okay I’ll soon post it.

  • Karen Rodriguez

    I downloaded MS Office 2007 today. The download is fine.

  • Thank you so much for kind words.

  • Thank you so much for appreciating. I have noted down your request and will post it soon.

  • Sydney

    Hi, the link of izopte ozone 6 advanced free download is death. It won’t load. Could you please refresh or fix it? Thanks 🙂

  • Okay sure.

  • Ed de Souza

    Dear Fatima
    I`m working with Win XP and Office 2000 – I have now downloaded Office 2007 and it works fine. Thank you for your help.

    • Welcome.


        hai fathima ur site is super but gam size is high

  • I’ll upload them soon.

  • Did you check our gaming site.


      yes i did

  • No. This is official Untouched image

  • Nirodh

    Good job on the web site, lotsa kewl stuff.
    I have just downloaded the windows 7 live cd, burnt it to disc an tried loading the live cd. Itr loads to the screen with the mountains and the seattle space needle but does not go any further. The mouse functions but thats it…nothing more. Any help on what I have done wrong. Are the button combo’s that I need to apply the use the live cd?

  • osama

    hi…can u help me to download microsoft visio 2010 64bit and adobe photoshop cs5 64bit free

  • That’s on my list. I’ll post that soon.

  • 🙂

  • No worries. Stay happy.

  • Thank you for kind words

  • Thank you for kind words.

  • Ok sure.

  • khaline wessels

    i am new to this site but find it sooo amazing!

    Many thanks!

  • How much speed are you getting? Our servers support high speed

  • Did you burn the iso to DVD?

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback. I have noted down your requests and will work on these soon.

  • Thank you for feedback. I have noted down your request and will post it soon.

  • Simply mount it using ultraISO or Virtualdrive tools.

  • Thank you so much for kind words 🙂

  • Wow. Thank you for request. I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Sorry the earlier message was mistakenly sent to you.

  • Kasula Sai Goud

    dear fatima i want quick time player pro plzzzz send me the link my gmail id is [email protected] and thanks for sending

  • All of drivers are included in driverpack

  • No I don’t have it.

  • which iso did you try?

  • Thank you for suggestion. We’ll look into your request

  • Thank you Eric 🙂

  • Thank you for feedback. I never faced Avast issue on 64 bit machines

  • Debjyoti Gorai

    Can you upload Comsol Multiphysics (Latest Version) I need it as I am a lover of Physics.

  • That must be false positive.

  • Which MS Office you try to run?

  • Thank you so much for kind words 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Sure I’ll post it

  • Okay I’ll post it.

  • Install Mozilla and its addon DownthemAll. In which you can specify external location.

  • Add it through the plugin option.

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback 🙂

  • LuxorVan

    I am looking for Mac OSX 10.4 tiger does anybody have an ISO?

  • Sorry there might be some issue. Can you post it again here?

  • Okay sure. I have noted it down

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Thank you for kind words.

  • Thanks for feedback. You should use IDM for fast and error free download.

  • Yes you can

  • Use IDM Download Manager.

  • Rao Saim Zafar

    Dear Fatima

    I highly appreciate your efforts in taking and maintaining an initiative to provide the users with a software one stop. Being an evident computer user myself, I am very grateful to you for such a brilliant idea that has provided us with a consolidated site that provides us with the much needed softwares, rather then searching the internet. I am out of words and am unable to praise you enough as you have made the life of the computer users how much easier.

    Fatima I also wanted to inquire that if it was possible for me to join your initiative and work with you, as a member of the getintopc team, please kindly email me on my email address [email protected]

    Thanking you in anticipation

    • Thank you so much Rao for appreciating effort. You can be a part of team by sharing the content and answering other’s questions on this forum

  • I just checked and link is working.

    • Ryann Jusil Investigator

      It seems my download manager has need to undergo fixes

  • Thank you for suggestions. I’ll look into this

  • Welcome. Please share this site.

  • What errors are you facing?

  • You can use Daemon tools lite.

  • Eleanor Renney

    Hi Admin, I just find out your website is very useful to download any kind of software which i really needed in my work.

  • My pleasure. share this site as much as you can.

  • Jorge

    Hi Fatima…..I want to report a dead link for the MS Project 2010 32 bit download….can you help ??

  • peter

    hi fatima how to download the Internet cafe software like antamedia Internet cafe.

    • I have noted down your request and will post it soon

      • peter

        thank you very much

  • Sure.

  • Same to you 🙂

  • Thank you so much for appreciating 🙂

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Thank you for message. This is already on my list 🙂

  • crowbar

    Take your religion away from technical discussions. Fatima, I am surprised you haven’t done the same comment to this guy.

    • Priyatham RS

      Hey Don’t talk about religion, We are Humans. That’s it.

  • Which tool you used to burn? How did you download the file? Make sure download is not corrupted. Use IDM to download it fast without corruption.

  • Thanks for feedback. I’m sorry you had to face this. There might be some temporary Technical issue.

  • Venkatesh Muripala

    hello Fatima
    i have downloaded windows10 32 bit technical preview build 10240, when i try to boot the process is not working it is unable to detect it . i have checked if there is problem with my DVD drive with windows 8.1 got it from your website last year it is working but the problem with windows 10 i am unable to find it.

    my computer specifications are like this:
    Intel core i3 [email protected]
    system type: 32bit operating system, x64 based processor.

    so, what version would you suggest me to download need help.
    wait for your reply?

  • Thank you for offer. I know it is old fashioned. But it is very SEO friendly and easy to use.

  • Thank you so much for feedback 🙂

  • KV

    I’m not a keyboard warrior just want to say you doing a great job Fatimah.
    So far I’ve downloaded 6 games and all are working fine.
    Will intro your website to all of my friends.
    Keep rocking.

  • Thanks for offer. Send me few samples on contact at getintopc dot com

  • Venkatesh Muripala

    i have crosschecked bro the DVD which i used is qualitative one. but when i click on DVD drive directly after loading of DVD its installing some how. but i am not sure that the file 32bit that i have downloaded suits requirement!!!

  • What error are you getting? We upload each program after testing.

  • Welcome.

  • Enjoy.

  • As salamu Alaikum
    Jazak Allah Bil Khair may Allah SWT Grant You Sawab & Fulfill all You wishes In return For All The Help You Provide To Me & Everyone … 🙂

  • This is final RTM Release.

  • Thank you so much for contacting us. I’ll think about it.

  • I already did.

  • Yup I’m doing it.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • You’re doing it wrong way. Just use Rufus to create USB.

    • ag

      At the outset thanks for responding and very quick at that. What is Rufus? Is it possible for you to treat me a totally tech naive and guide me step by step? Thanks and regards

  • Thanks for helping others 🙂

    • Raju Chakraborty

      can u help me for some Linux issues?

  • Sure. I have noted it.

  • Upgrade your IDM and change IDM grabber settings.

  • I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • I just checked.and file is downloading.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • My recommendation is to use MS Security Essentials.

  • nabeel khan

    Fatima i want to know that which storage server you use for you file storage.

  • ag

    Thanks a lot. I will try this weekend and keep you posted. I will take liberty to put more query if I have any. In the mean time I really appreciate your response/

  • Thanks.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Anjan Bose

    I have two seperate win 8.1 entrp iso. I want to compile these two seperate iso in a single one iso. how can i do that ??? i have tried this thru ” win aio maker professional ” software but that is not satisfactory and also that software is released for windows version upto 7, not 8.1 or later i think… please suggest me the right software for the task..

  • Send mail at contact at getintopc dot com

  • Which browser do you use? I recommend Mozilla Firefox.

  • Hammad Bilalshah

    Bro your It is a problem with your PC……
    Install all runtime libraries like Direct X, Visual C++, .Net Framework etc etc etc and then try to run the game…
    If no luck then try to apply fix on game….
    That will fix the problem… 🙂

  • Terry Stuart

    I had Windows 7 but I changed to Windows 10 and I don’t like it. It is restrictive. I would rather have Windows 8 instead and am now downloading Windows 8. By downloading 8 will that clear Windows 10 from my computer?

    • yes

    • Beer

      Hi Terry, may I ask what you mean by restrictive? I was thinking about upgrading, but I wasn’t really sure. So can you please elaborate on the restrictiveness.

  • Which file you are trying to download and which browser are you using?
    Use Firefox and clear your cookies and cache and retry.

  • I have noted it down and will look into this.

    • X3KE

      Thanks Fatima, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond and help me out here. Cheers, X3KE.

  • 🙂

  • Dear

    I am sorry to trouble you. This
    is Lori from AOMEI Technology. Are you interested in
    giving us an another review about our ace product AOMEI Partition

  • Thank you for feedback. I’ll look into this.

  • S Muhammad M Rahman

    Hi, I have downloaded+installed the official untouched windows 7 ultimate free version, on my L/T PC over windows vista home premium, when setting up it asked for license but it was not appeared in the box because I had it free version downloaded, but in the box below there was a suggestion that the license will obtained from on line, and its done. Now I am enjoying the said free downloaded windows 7 ultimate,

  • contact [at] getintopc (dot) com

  • There are universal converters already in site

  • Emeka

    Hello Fatima! It is good of you to provide such an opportunity to access these fantastic tools. I have downloaded the autocad 2012 from getintopc but while trying to install it the Access and number is asked for. I thought you sorted this problem out. is there any other way to install without the Access and the install button which was not included in the download file? please can you respond this really important to me. Thanks and may Allah bless and guide you.

  • Thanks for feedback. I’ll look into this.

  • Thank you so much for kind feedback 🙂

  • Mozammil

    Please upload iATKOS Y or ML For Non ACHI PC Niresh doesn’t work on non achi motherboard

  • Felipe Wilson

    Hi I am asking about the legality of your website inside USA and it is legal for me to download from your website like operating system of Microsoft etc… especially inside USA … Because I am afraid to download while
    I need some of your content that you really looks like you works so hard to collect and I want to thank you for your great job here waiting for your answer have a great day …

    • These Operating system files are official untouched ISO which are also available on Microsoft site. So these are legal.

  • Clear cookies and cache. Retry using Downthemall Addon

  • Use Downthemall Addon of Mozilla for fast downloads.

  • Wanda M Thayer

    Dear Fatima Asslam o Alikum,
    I am so grateful for my husband finding your site! He is the one that got me addicted to it. I have serious questions… My system is compromised FOR SURE! I use a Toshiba AMD and they use Firmware and many standard hardware, software and applications to transmit Audio, Video, Any and ALL my pc information. I am certain they are connected to our entire router and all devices because my iPhone and New MotoE and other devices. They have my system set up to control every aspect! I have performed several DBan Nukes and used the backup Toshiba CD to reinstall, but they manage to make changes in the back before I can set up anything. I know it sounds crazy, but it is very true. They have put popup messages on my phones with timers to play guessing digital games with them or they would lock me out of my phone and DID! They have changed my passwords. Access is coming from all around the world. Brazil, China, Japan… you name it.
    I have filed a police report since my checking account has been compromised. We live in a small town area and it is hard to find a knowledgeable and experienced person to get them out of our lives. ANY and ALL help, advice and software that will help would be GREAT!
    Thank you in advance for all that you do!

    • Start using Linux. I’m personally using Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

      Linux is more secure. Always keep it updated and install all security updates.

      Before installing Linux, Format and delete all existing partitions.

      Always enable two step verification codes on your email IDs.

  • Thank you so much for offering your services. I’ll get in touch with you if I need anything.

    Meanwhile please share this site as much as you can. 🙂

  • Mayur Fakatkar

    Please upload all windows os editions with bootable ISO disk image file format with FREE Lisence.
    1) Windows XP All In One
    2) Windows Vista All In One
    3) Windows 7 All In One
    4) Windows 8.1 All In one
    5) Windows 10 All In One

  • Update your IDM.

  • Ronald Foster

    I’m trying to run the DVD of the ISO file you posted.

  • Sure, We’ll look into this.

  • Thank you so much for kind words. I have noted down your request

  • I have noted down your request and will post it soon.

  • Sure, I have noted down your request and will post it soon

  • Use driverpack solution to install missing drivers.

  • Thank you so much for appreciating.

  • Sure, I’ll look into your request.

  • You can give article links. Please don’t give direct IP Links.

    • Numan Ashiq

      ok thanks to allow me…:)

  • Sure, I have noted down your request.

  • puneet anderson

    Dear Fatima Afridi please upload any # HTTPS proxy software, or any software to encrypt my traffic like providing ssl lock onto it?? thank you .. 🙂

  • I looked into this and these are false positive.

  • Honey Julka

    Hello Dear Admin FATIMA ASLAM,
    I have a yosemite downloaded iso from ur site.
    Sir how to install mac os on windows based pc… Please help me…Thank You

  • Aqua Fyre

    Hello Fatima,

    I am very impressed by your website. I am wondering if you could be able to get a hold of a copy of MacOS-Linux which has now been pulled from sourceforge.

  • TheSimpsons21

    A few months back, I had a Windows 8 Pro ISO and now I can’t find it. It only show’s the all in one. I’m using a mac and want to use it on that mac to install the Windows 8 Pro (which I already have the license) Please help!

  • Thank you so much for feedback.
    Please use firefox with downthemall addon for complete and error free download.
    In cellphone use uc browser

  • 15.8 version is already posted in site.

  • Send me links with scan reports which have malware and I’ll clean them. You can send us mail at contact at getintopc (dot) com

  • Download ISO and install via USB. You can create Bootable USB using Universal USB Installer or rufus.

  • Omar Dawood

    Hi Fatima , I tried to make a donation but it is not processing, any other way or can you fix it please ??

  • You should download using IDM or Downthemall

  • I’m working on it.

  • Sure. I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • Thanks for feedback 🙂

  • Sure, I’ll look into this.

  • Use DownthemAll Addon of Mozilla for complete error free download.

  • Mohammed KU Shareef

    I thanks and appreciate for your support in downloading softwares

  • Gopika M A

    Madam,can u please clear my doubts regarding the installation of PROTEUS 7 version?i have already downloaded the installation file.But while installing they are asking for a license.

  • Hmm.. Try to access it via IP.

  • Okay sure. I have noted it down.

  • Thanks. Same to you.

  • I’ll soon post it.

  • Hassan Mayuni

    Dear Fatima can you please help me to upload the software called fiery system software disc 1 for xerox dc252. coz I have two of them but Im missing only one so please help me.

  • 777 7777

    dear fatima afridi can u uploud Windows POSready 7 🙂

  • Thank you for kind words. No I don’t have any other at the moment 🙂

  • Rajesh Gangwani

    hi fatima i thank you and appreciate for ur sincere efforts. good work.

  • Vishal Bhayani

    Hello Fatima this is vishal. i have downloaded MAC os 10.8 from your website but i am not getting any idea that how to install it and any further procedure. Would you plzzz help me out to by giving me the list of the steps of it??? Plzzzz provide me step wise details of this process that how to install mac os 10.8 on my laptop. I have Win 7 Ultimate in my laptop..Do it ASAP..reply me via mail. My mail id is [email protected]

  • 🙂

  • Thank you so much for feedback.

  • Anandu Sugathan

    Hi, Get Into PC. Pls help me.. I have been downloading Mavericks with IDM. But after downloading about 3.5 GB, I get an error redirecting to download troubleshooting.php. So i tried to get a new link from getintopc but also the problem persist cant resume the download. Pls help. The first link I downloaded from is –

    • I’m sorry you had to face this. We implement Hotlink protection. You should click on Download button again to get new link.

  • Welcome 🙂

  • AVVairavan

    Hi Fatima I don’t know whether you have received my previous mail for the request of “Spacecraft Control Toolbox for Matlab” software, I tried for almost two months but I could not get anything, It would be grateful if you you can get it, I genuinely need it for my project work.

  • Mr. Devansh

    hey i am Devansh. i needed a little help in installing windows 10. i have created a bootable usb and have formated my local disk c which is my system drive but when “which disk would u like to load the system” appears and i click disk 0 partition 1 and click next it says “We have not found any system file please select the disk that contains the files” i have tried to select my usb several times but it repeats that again. i cannot open my pc as its os has got formatted. please help i will be highly oblighed..

  • Most welcome 🙂

  • Yes?

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Friend

    can you get mccormick estimating software?
    There are many that want this software.

  • From which link you downloaded it?

  • I’ll look into this. Thanks for feedback.

    • Randy

      Thank you!

  • Huge compression can lead to corruption.

  • Benard Kinyanjui Njeri.

    Hi Fatima.Thanks for your continued kindness.
    Kindly Please Inform Me Of How To Update Bios On My Hp Elitebook 8440p

  • Puneet

    please upload the auto-cad 2010, if available

  • I have changed title to generic.

  • I’ll post it soon.

  • It is official Untouched ISO

  • Which browser you use?

  • Which browser are you using? Use Downthemall Addon of Firefox or IDM.

    • Jay Davis

      i used Chrome, but the problem is it that Arkham Knight wont setup right, it keeps sayings its missing things

      • Your download was not complete. Use some download manager like IDM or DownthemAll which is free addon of Firefox.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Okay sure.

  • Watch step by step video provided in article. I’m sure you missed something.

  • lori


    I am sorry to trouble you. This is Lori from AOMEI
    Technology. Are
    you interested in giving us an another review about our ace product AOMEI
    Partition Assistant Standard 5.8.0?

  • Welcome.

  • Leo Alagar

    We are very thankful for all the vision that you made to us. Starting to the date that you release this website, we found out that there’s a possibility for us to know that we don’t need to speed our penny just to buy a copy of the installer/software from different distributor. Because of you, we look forward that there’s no impossible to have a knowledge with regards to AutoCAD, Windows and etc. We are very thankful to only person behind this project. Ms. Fatima, thank you for this big project. Hope, you make a tutorial how to make a successful website and how to get a server like yours. Thank You and more project to come.

  • It is working fine.

  • What error do you get?

  • I have corrected it now.

  • Seer Max

    Get Into PC is extrordinary,…seem to be able to grant wiahes for folks like me. Many blessings to you.
    I recently downloaded Pinnacle 17, blessings to you and yours.

  • Which build you tried to install?

  • Darren Blanchard

    ok so I just took a few hours to download the ez drummer demo and just installed the dll file into my fl studio 10 to try it out and it won’t let me use it.

  • Use Rufus.

  • Dheeraj Kumar ravi

    [email protected]

    hello Fatima. at first I would like to thank you for this amazing site…

    but I have a problem with windows 8.1 pro which I got from ur site. after installating it. no downloaded apps are working and my my pc has gone slow. how can I uninstall it and degrade to windows 7. can u suggest @please…

    • May be windows 8.1 is not compatible with your specs.

  • You can follow the Video.

  • Can you post the link here?

  • You are most welcome.

  • Depends on your internet speed.

  • Okay sure. I’ll post it soon.

  • Yes nice site.

  • Use DownthemAll Addon of Firefox.

  • use idm or downthemall addon

  • It is already added.

    • 2Anonymus

      I can’t find it. There is just the Professional Plus version.

  • Use Downthemall addon of firefox

  • Bandicam

  • What error do you get when you try to download?

    • Anni Lang

      I managed the download and it is now working. Thank you.

      • Most welcome. Please share this as much as you can

  • Use IDM or downthemall Addon of Firefox.

  • What error do you get?

    • rizwan_ch

      tell me please

  • I’ll look into this

  • ubuntu has own set of tools. Windows tools dont work on it.

  • What problem are you facing?

  • Which shortcut are you talking about?

  • Speed fluctuating is main problem. Secondly seeds become less after file gets old.

  • Which Windows 7 Version you downloaded and which Version is mentioned in sticker?

  • 🙂

    • abrar khan

      can u please upload autocad 16

    • Can we contact you

    • Parvesh Goyal

      please upload Wondershare Dr Fone for android it is very important..

  • Right click on desktop. Go to properties and choose desktop icons

  • sumrando

    Hello Fatima, we’re wondering how to submit our VPN software to your website? It is here: and the PAD file is here: Thanks. Keep up the good work!

  • damianpostigo

    could you please add add blackbox iso burner to your software what a great and easy little program to use

  • You are most welcome.

  • Try Out

    Sorry to seem hasty but I was wondering if any of the staff/help are still responding 3D Max 2014 commentaries:
    I would like to have things resolved, if possible. Thanks.

  • I’ll look into this

    • Sam Khoury

      Thanks Fatima. We work with a lot of sites like yours. I am based in california although our HQ is in Texas. If you want some clarification on the software and our affiliate program let me know.

  • Which File are you trying to download? I think this filter is placed by your ISP.

    • the veritasium

      every files in this website. I’m not sure if my this is caused by my ISP. thank you so much btw.

      • Do you have teamviewer? Send credentials to contact[at)getintopc[dot-com

    • the veritasium

      *typing error* it should be

      “I’m not sure if this is caused by my ISP”

  • I’ll look into this.

  • What error do you get?

  • Thanks buddy.

  • There are couple of tools posted in Music Section. You can try those.

  • They are running fine.

  • Paidin

    Downloaded autocad 2008, now I am getting a fatal error message when I try to install, any help appreciated

    When will I receive approval?

    Reg Paidin

  • These are official untouched programs

    • Ram

      Thank you…but my quastoin is that if its legal to use them for business

  • I just tested the link and it is working great.

  • I have noted it down and will look into this.

  • kumaran

    dear mam pls give me protect dvd burner

  • Sure. I have noted it down and will soon post it.

  • uzma

    salam dear im new here even i dont know how to use it today is my first day i need your help regarding proxy and youtube i read your tutorial but stii im in trouble plzzzz help thanks

  • john caruso

    i downloaded the 64 bit version and it would not install saying that it needed a driver. I burned the iso file to a dvd and it started with the Windows logo but would go no farther. I searched the dvd for a driver file but none existed. Good idea but I cannot use it. Thanks

  • Okay We’ll look into this.

  • This one is on my list

  • S.Singh

    No device Driver Found Error Show while install windows

  • Vishal

    I am trying to install Paperport professional which I downloaded from your site.

  • rizwan_ch

    i need a best tool to make portable software

  • rizwan_ch

    i need best tool to make portable software

    AS you creat apps on getintopc Adobe photoshop lite and some other

  • Dan Kahn

    Thank you Fatima Afridi for the free download of Civil 3D! That is a very nice benefit of your site.

  • Chaly

    I visited your site very good.

  • What is MD5 of the file your downloaded? Secondly which tool you used to make USB Bootable?

  • 64 bit posted here already has SATA drivers support.

  • Khan Ali

    Hello Fatima.
    Thanks for a great job and site.I am not much technical,i have some problem while downloading some software like Britannica ,when i am installing it required DVD/CD (Getintopc.com_BritannicaDVD).
    is it possible to install directly.

  • method is already listed in readme file.

    • Ryan Chapman

      lol no kidding its all on the site just watch moive or readme file. Very easy . even newgamesbox is harder than this , its the best site out there .2016.

  • Depends on your download speed. Use IDM or DownthemAll Addon

  • Your download is corrupted. Please use IDM or DownthemAll Addon of Firefox.

  • Lauren305

    your site is beyond awesome
    you have done selfless work

    the chief architect program looks amazing.
    i downloaded and installed

  • Enjoy.

  • vinod kumar

    Hi Fatima, thanks for your best work ,Please provide Hypertherm TurboNest 2015.

    • Okay sure I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • John Daley

    Dear Fatima,
    What an amazing site!!! Been after a working version of VB6 for ages, after installation probs with my old CDs.
    then I stumbled across your site, I couldn’t believe what was on offer!!
    Truly generous person, you have my utmost admiration.
    One seldom meets your kind.
    Thanks again.

    • Thank you so much for comment and appreciation. Keep visiting our site. 🙂

  • I already posted it.

  • I’ll look into this.

    • Shoaib Shahzad

      please dear ap mujhe sahi se bhejen mujhe chye 🙂

  • First create ISO image from USB media. You can use UltraISO for that.

  • Create Bootable USB and boot from it.
    Also double check boot priorities in BIOS Boot sequence.

  • Raja Shekar

    which version linux os supports lenovo g5080

  • I’m very happy that my site helped you. Enjoy.

  • No 🙂

  • Sure I’ll post that.

  • i want join to blog team in

  • Check the path of folder where you are trying to install it.

  • I would recommend Windows 7 64 bit.

  • Thanks for feedback.

  • or getintopc or gip
    try one of these

  • Thanks. Most welcome.

  • Was your download completed 100%? Use IDM

  • You are most welcome.

  • They must be false positive.

  • On which step you are stuck?

  • What error are you gettting?

  • What error do you get?

  • Ayesha

    A.O.A! I have install window 7 in my laptop. Now, I want to install window 8 through DVD. I tried but not succeed. Please tell me in detail how can I install?

    • How did you burn Windows 8 on DVD? Did you try to install via USB?

  • Which DVD you burned?

  • Thank you for kind words. Sure I’ll post it.

  • I have noted it down and will post it soon.

  • rahul

    please upload nintendo 3ds emulator

  • Install all Windows Updates or manually install this.

  • Daniel2515

    Hello Fatima,

    I’ve sent you an email to contact you for program submission. I don’t know if you will receive it… Anyway I want to submit iMyfone Umate to Getintopc. iMyfone Umate is an iPhone space saver which can clean up junk files, perform photo compression and manage apps for iPhone users. I also sent you a license for testing. Hoping to see you reply!

    Thank you! Have a good day!:)

  • What is the error which you face?

  • You can send on FB Page.

  • I have noted these down and will post it.

  • Enjoy.

  • Use IDM or Downthemall Addon for firefox.

  • Noman

    any addon for chroome for increasing internet speed?

  • It is fixed now.

  • John

    Greetings Fatima! Bless you for your hard work and efforts to make the world a better, fairer place for everyone! Now for My questions, and forgive Me for asking, because these have surely been addressed already. But I have searched and cannot find the answers, so, and this applies to all of the downloads… I’m going to download Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. What happens after the trial period? Will the software be in a degraded state until a license is entered? Will I be able to get automatic updates for fixes? And lastly, will I be able to upgrade at a later time? Thank you 🙂

  • Khan Ali

    Dear Fatima .

    I am looking for any softwear like picasa ,which arrange all my pic in one folder.


  • Kirill Valentey

    Hello and thankx for the great job ! Unfortunately i can not download Mavericks from the site. No speed at all (( May be you can help ? Download starts but very very slow

  • Use IDM or Downthemall.

  • CruiseStar

    Hi Fatima This is really very nice to see that you are helping others with ” No Monetary Gains”
    I appreciate this. Can you please upload Adobe Captivate 6? Thanx & Regards

  • I think your download is corrupted.

  • Which error are you getting?

  • Install IDM or Downthemall.

  • Yes ofcourse it will.

  • Your should try IDM

  • Use Downthemall of Firefox.

  • I’ll look into this.

    • CruiseStar

      Hi Fatima, You are Awesome… Thank you so much for helping hand.. I really appreciate your work & I wish you GOOD LUCK….

  • I started the windows 7 iso download and it stopped and never finished both for the 32 bit and 64 bit. It states on the download page that you would like to be told when there is a problem so I am reporting this problem. What do I do to get the downloads going?

  • kabala mala

    Hello Adm
    at firt want to say thank you about this good work what allof you hier are doing
    second would like to ask if it s possibul to posting a copy from windows server 2012

    at last if you have some lesson about it.thankyou so much

  • Jeffrey

    Dear Fatima, I have a question when the 70-1 ISO is downloaded it is over 10g how does a person burn this image being dvds are only 4.7 or a dual layer is still not enought.I value your recommendation on this.

  • Fairul

    Page not found Windows 7 8.1 10 AIO 70in1 ISO Free Download…

  • sager

    Ms.Fatima where can i find the 70in1 iso? because when i about to search it, it says page not found? Thanks for reply

  • it should be geintopc or

  • Thanks for telling me I’ll remove that.

  • Enter from the label.

  • Thanks for offer. Sure We’ll work to further improve speed.

  • Do you have dedicated graphics card.

    • Ahmed Nady

      i have intel hd graphics4000

  • Dear Fatima, i would like to get “Image Cartoonizer Premium” software

  • Thanks. I have noted down your request.

  • Ifeanyi Okereke

    greetings. thanks for a great job. please,is there any update on microsoft office 2016?

  • Which file?

  • Nixon Kamugisha

    can i get any phone unlocking and flashing software here plz give me the link here [email protected]

  • I apologize for that. I’ll correct it.

  • Great suggestion. I’ll work on it.

  • Greenbengal

    Could u plz upload Adobe Acrobat Reader DC free version (not
    professional) that is complete offline installer and standalone setup.

    Download from upper link is not support offline installation

  • mike

    Hi Fatima thank you for all I have updated information for you, please read: important readme5 on desktop

  • mike

    Online again, no its not the software companies..

  • Okay sure, I’ll upload soon.

  • Which file?

  • mike

    Hi Fatima,
    how are you doing today?
    I need your professional advice on this situation, I hope you can help me out. I just found out that somebody has extended my internet connection to his own apartment. Added a router with the same ipadres as mine. To surf online with my ipadres.
    I changed my passwords and settings and asked them to stop this nonsense but they continued to use the connection and tried to serve on dubious websites. I informed the internet provider and an internet expert to look into the matter.
    The network device TR064 Factory Arcadyan, Model: VGV7519KW22
    Modelnumber: 02.00.135W4
    Webpage of the device is the same as mine:
    SNumber: A512013172
    Mac-adres: 4c:09:d4:ff:c5:3d
    Unique id: uuid:00000000-0000-0002-0000-4c09d4ffc53d
    IP-adres is the same as mine:
    Is it possible to blacklist the device, and delete all files on this router/pc.
    I hate it when people copy my ipadres and pretend to be me.
    Thank you for your support.
    Best Wishes,

    • The IP address you mentioned is local IP.
      Go to DHCP page In your router settings, and it will list down all devices which are connected. Find our Mac Address of your devices and seperate out the neighbours Device Mac Address. Then Block this Mac in your router.

  • Sure. I have noted it down.

  • Sorry I was away so couldn’t moderate comments.

  • Which link?

  • Sure, I have noted it down.

  • Always use IDM or Downthemall addon.

  • There are no passwords.

  • Ok Nath

    HI frends some one please help me i download windows all os .iso file but i can’t copy it to an 16 GB pendrive &the file size is 10.6 GB

  • Upgrade your graphics card and make sure all graphics drivers are up to date.

  • I think your hard drive has got bad blocks. You can use e2fsck utility for fixing bad blocks.

  • I’ll put it soon.

  • I’m still searching that 🙂

  • You can point your button to our post page.

  • Our downloads are not password protected. You should use IDM to speed up downloads.

  • Manny C

    I cannot locate my Dell Window XP Home Premium CD. I Downloaded the Windows XP SP3 from your site because my OS was up to SP3. It requested the product ID, which I have, but it won’t accept it. Any suggestions.

    Thank You for Your very useful site

  • We use dedicated servers.

  • Your PC is missing visual c++ redist file. Download this package and install all files.

  • Rehan Ahmad

    Dear Fatimah Sister Assalam O Alekom i apreciated your effort. its amizing. i have also share this website with my friends thay realy like it. you are doing good job keep it up
    Sister i wish to please uploads PC Games.
    Thank You
    Mohammad Rehan
    Peshawar, Pakistan

  • nazrein

    yes hello. i cant download visual C++. may i have new link to download that? thanks

  • NiiQP1

    Hi, I have downloaded AutoCAD 2016 overnight last night from this your site (approx. 5.5GB) but this morning on looking at the completed download it is described by Windows Explorer as a “Disc Image File” and there is no .exe file to be able to actually install it.

    I would be most grateful if you or any patron of this site has any quick advice, as I am in URGENT need of the software program in order to do some work.

    Many thanks in hopeful advance
    [email protected]

  • Ehtisham

    bhai g peachtree 2010 downlode kia h password kia h

  • Use only article links in your posts.

  • I’ll look into this.

  • Thanks for comment and feedback. Did you search on net regarding limit on your printer model? Do you get any notification in task bar regarding limit reached? If not then I don’t think there is a limit on your model. I think there is some hardware/software issue. To check if its software, Uninstall all printer drivers and software applications related to printer. If this doesn’t help then the printer is now faulty

  • whitetm

    why was my last question removed

  • This is false positive

  • Which one?

  • Peter

    I commented on a file download that seems like it may be linked to the wrong file but the comment is still pending and hasn’t been posted so I thought maybe I should say something here.
    The link is for the file download at It is supposed to link to an iso file but instead links to a zip file. Could someone please have a look and either sort it out or let me know if the file is okay?

    • Sorry I was away and couldn’t moderate comments.

  • Install 64 bit Windows.

  • I’m using dedicated server

  • Yes ofcourse. But please use article post link. Don’t use file direct link

  • I’m using dedicated server from

    • Shahbaz Rafique

      Hello Fatima thanks for your generous help. But now unmetered is the part of I will surely migrate my website to according to your suggestion…. Thanks again Fatima…

  • anas


  • Hi Fatima. The softwares and OS from #GetIntoPc are really awesome. I totally appreciate your contribution.

    I need your help in downloading a game GTA V iso file for PC error free. I’ve been searching for that software since long time, but I couldn’t get that,i got old versions i need new one

    I hope you’re the only one who could do it. Please help me out in downloading that software somehow into my PC.

    Thanx in advance.

  • Thank you so much for offer. I’ll get in touch if we need your help.

  • Just tested and it is working. Which browser are you using?

  • BleedingEdge

    Well, @getintopc:disqus, may I please know why are my comments being blocked? I have been asking about it but I never get any reply. If you want to block me from commenting on your site, then you are free to do so, but can i at least know why? I never get any reply, I hope this time I will get one.

    • Sorry I was away so couldn’t moderate comments.

      • Yip Nicolas

        i need help with ethernet problem….

  • Wich is the Best OS so far in 2016?

  • Ashish S. Patil

    This is the best site I have come across for software’s……I appreciate your work. Thanks a lot.

  • Ihab

    Dear Fatima,

    I hope if you can share antenna magus 5.1 in your website.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I’ll try to find and post it.

  • Thank you so much for offering your services. This means a lot to me. I’ll surely get in touch if I need any of your services.

  • I use Mystique theme.

  • Sure.

  • You just need to right query to clean duplicated date

  • Can you double check if your downloader is not corrupting files. Because all files are tested on machines before posting.

    • Cesar Blanco

      I’ll try again. It also had a prohibitory sign.


    windows 7 8 10 all in 1 iso setup not working. error is provisioning failure installation of a provisioning package faild lease work wth the package author to damage the problem.
    reported error code:0x80070057. what is the problem ? please help cont. number +918811849941

    • I think your download is corrupted. Use IDM to download a fresh copy. Burn on usb using rufus

      • Sam07

        how to root an android phone?

  • vin99

    hello …. can you guide me easy way to create private cloud on pc ……

  • Selenanita Huang

    Hi. This is Anita from Wondershare. Could you please kindly help us update the screen shot link about our product on your side:

    You can also simply contact me at:–>@)

  • You can provide post link in your website. Please don’t use direct download link.

    • Parth Patel

      Thank you so much for your positive feedback but can you explain the term “Direct link” in more details?like direct link to your site or download site or else !

      • You can only provide getintopc posts link. Please don’t provide direct IP links of downloads

  • Use IDM or some good Download Manager.

  • Scoopy-Pooh

    10 to 1 it was a “false positive” that set it off because of an “autorun” file in the download. Many applications will have that kind of harmless file and unfortunately most antivirus programs will be triggered and flag it.
    Right-click your antivirus icon in the system tray (bottom right hand side of Windows task bar) and disable antivirus for “until re-enabled” or “until system re-boot” option and then re-download the program.

  • Click the purple button which says click here to proceed. Your download will start after 3 pages.

  • If your Phone is android you could have install Cerberus to track it afterwards. But now as it is lost and you didn’t have and tracking tool on that phone, there is no way.

    You can go to police and provide them IMEI, they’ll track it with their specialized tools which have access to Cellular companies data.

  • Thanks for suggestions. I have noted down names of softwares.
    Please use IDM Download Manager for fast and resume supported download

  • Yash Raj

    i have downloaded ets 2 but after extracting the files i have opened ets2 setup it says irsetup could not found plz help

  • JackieBen

    Dear Admin, I have an issue with Mac OS Yosemite. I can’t open the file which i have downloaded. it always hang for 5-10mins when i double click the file and after that it happened nothing. I already downloaded OS Snow Leopard and OS Mountain Lion and both works fine. It opens when i double click the files. Can you please help me the problem.
    When i download OS Yosemite the file size was 4.8gb but after downloaded it change to 5.19gb. Is this normal?
    (I’m using MacBookPro 13in, Os 10.6.8)

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • I have noted down your request.

  • Thanks. You can send the links on [email protected]

  • Chris

    Dear Fatima,

    I am very impressed with your website! It is obvious you put lot’s of hard work into this and are passionate about empowering people through sharing of knowledge and making it easier for people to find the files/programs they require.

    I feel you are the best person to ask (I apologise for asking such silly questions in advance!). Have heard of digital river? I used to use this site to download original Windows iso files but it is no longer available – I am trying to obtain Windows 7 (all EN images) and MS have stopped digital river supplying these.

    Are the images provided on this site original windows iso (provided directly by MS and not the PC manufacturer – i believe this is referred to as “vanilla windows” here in the UK)?

    I also found a link which is supposed to provide the original “vanilla windows” which were originally provided by Digital River –

    Can you confirm whether these images are legit iso and are these what you provided for download from this site?

    Apologies for the long message and please continue the amazing work you do!

    I look forward to your response!

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks Chris for your messages. Yes the images posted are legit and were downloaded from digitalriver.

      • Kronic Elsword

        i need help fatima on harry potter deathly hollows pt 1 msg me back please

      • Haseeb Abbasi

        aoa fatima would you help me to understand everthing to me

      • Chris

        Fatima, do you have another website? For movies? Also do you have the “Insanity” fitness dvd’s? Thank’s in advance! 🙂

  • MD Arafat

    Hello Admin, In your website I have seen you Uploaded (Lumion 4) Before 1 or 1/2 years ago. I need Lumion 6 / 6 pro. I request to you with respect, can you upload (Lumion 6) in your Website Please….

  • Aditya Jain

    Dear Fatima,
    My name is Aditya, I’m a newbie so I don’t have that much knowledge about computer and software. Whenever I play a game whether it is gta3 or construction simulator 2015. The man always keeps on moving round and round and does nothing else. What is the solution of this, please help me.

  • quinn

    @getintopc:disqus Fatima, Please upload installation video for Sims 3 Seasons

  • Hemanth

    Dear Fatima,
    Can u pls help me in downloading windows enterprise editions from Microsoft website

  • San10deep

    hi admin
    will u upload fifa 16 on the ocean????

  • Chron Graal

    hi, i want to make a similar website like this. Is this hosted or a template from another site host? can someone help me here please, thanks! I need some guidance on what i need/ what i have to do

  • Rod Amar

    Hey fatima. Can you get xactimate construction pricelist for all 50 states

  • There must be something you sre missing.from video.

  • Use UC Browser in Windows Phone

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Yes I make money through ads and donation.

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • Which error do you get?

    • Ahmed Khaled

      please i wanna any version from (fifa street )
      if u can ( fifa street 12 ) thank u 🙂

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • walid
  • Shiela.T

    I figured out how to do it. Thank you so much. This site actually helped me a lot.

  • This must be false positive. Because we are providing official Bitdefender

  • Use XDM Download Manager

  • I have a question. do you have any Linux OS for download?

  • manjit bawa

    can you please upload MS POWER POINT PLUGINS FOR WINDOW 7

  • Naveen Kamalakannan (NK)

    how to install photoshop cc 2015 v16.1.2 iso file, ?

  • I have changed the hosting provider. Please click the purple button on filehostguru site which says “Click here to proceed.” Then your download will be started after 3 page loads. Please wait a few seconds after FinalStep and download will automatically start.

  • Which error are you getting?

  • Great.

  • Can you retry?

  • Sergio Roda

    Dear Fatima. I am sending this message to you from Brazil, city of Curitiba. Thank you so much for this outstanding site !!! I really must say that it is the most helpful site I ever came in contact. I already shared your site with all my friends. I have downloaded the SAP2000 17 “free download” in my computer but I am unable to use it because the software keep asking for the “Standalone license”. Can you tell me how can I get this license. I am not an expert in computers. Thanks

  • upen

    hai fathima,can u please add anniversary update of Windows 10 Enterprise ISO x64 and X32.Thanks in advance

  • Which file you are trying to download?

  • detero

    cannot download anyone of it, what went wrong?

  • Ahmed Mohsen

    Hello , can you provide us with this software ?
    Ocommunity Suite Pro Maximum edition


    Dear Fatima I need your help .Some of your operating iso files are not working .Please help me.

  • Did you use IDM Download Manager?

  • Harshavardhan Reddy Nani

    FATIMA AFRIDI u done a great job on creating this get into pc. I really amazed when i have seen this web site and I have downloaded windows 10 anniversary update iso on my pc having windows 8

  • Alexander Reith

    Getintopc is a very good website. I think it’s really great how you fell effortless you givest to operate this website and to keep always News.
    Keep it up!!! Greetings Alexander Reith.

  • Alexander Reith

    Getintopc is a very good website. I think it’s really great how you fell effortless you givest to operate this website and to keep always News.
    Keep it up!!! Greetings Alexander Reith.

  • Emrys Seven

    I can download the vista to my phone but I cannot download windows 7 Dell to my phone, keeps saying download unsucessful

  • fayaz

    Salam, please upload whitesmoke softwre, it is English language corrector. Very important please. Thank you.

  • srinivasarao

    sir your giving software’s very good but windows xp sp2 is not in your site please attach it thankq

  • Hi Scoopy,

    It’s nice to see you again here. I’ll try to find the original disk which come with this model. From the specs on HP site I found Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 comes pre-installed in this machine.


    I have already put this one in this site. Try these one

    The above two should work flawlessly on this machine. Keep me posted on progress.

  • 🙂

  • Randy B

    first time poster, hope this is correct space. I have both win 10 home and win 10 pro from this great site however I cannot get either one of them to boot. I have tried a Win 7 labeled MS disc & it wants to boot [press any ] however nothing happens when I try the two Win 10 apps . Any help would be appreciated & thank you.

  • 🙂 Cool keep me posted

  • Ashok Kumar

    Respected Madam can you Provide me Crystal Report 8.5 or 9 version

  • Samiul Islam

    Dear Fatima Afridi please upload windows server 2016 final release edition

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks.

  • why can’t you download from site

  • Slimjids

    Salam Fatima,I have Clean Untouched Images of OS X from 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to 10.12 (Sierra) in 2 Formats (With Recovery HD & Without).In Total it’s 204.64 GB.Let me know if it’s possible for you to host them on your site plz……Bless

    • Yes Yes ofcourse. This will be great. Can you upload it on somewhere and send me download iinks on contact (at) getintopc [dot ] com
      Do comment here when you send mail.

  • fred

    I just downloaded Sebalius 6, successfully, but can’t open it without a number. What is the number?

  • girish kumar

    hi dear Fatima how r u
    dear Fatima can u arrange the software of PDF TO DWG CONVERTER

  • Upload on Google Drive or OneDrive

  • Tyron Berekia

    hie Fatima the best of the are the one who makes computer batter ….can you please design software to flash android cellphone ….im looking for it can you make it thank regerds to you

  • You can only white list the server domain, click the purple button to proceed.

    • The Great

      why does it keep telling me failed to initialize steam. i already downloaded steam but still the game doesn’t launch. already tried to open the games as admin still doesn’t solve my problem. what to do?? resident evil 6 problem plss helpp asap 🙁

    • musa mu

      Fatima, I need SN for IDM if you have?

  • Tyron Berekia

    phone flashing software Fatima ispecialy for android phones

  • saurabh jha

    Dear Fatima plez upload a tutorials about whatapp massage hacking …or any tools for which we can see the what app msg …plez contect me on [email protected] …if u have any trick or tools……plez help me …

  • Janagha Ilham Kharoti

    you are the apple of my eye
    when you serve to peoples

  • Ezekiel Swsa

    i want to meet u Fatima

  • bilal

    Slaam Fatima, i just join the site, I had original window 8, but by mistake i have installed windows 7 pirated version. How i can get original version again?

  • Mohdnurazzimie Otuh

    dear admin..i can u help me..i got blue screen on my laptop lenovoz460..there is software can fix it??pls..

  • Okay sure.

  • I apologize, I delete such questions because then site gets banned by companies who develop these tools. All of the tools which I am posting now for last 6 months don’t require any numbers for installations.

  • There are several other tools which can active Office

  • I already posted the iso

  • Thank you so much. You made my day. This is the best comment I have ever seen

  • Which link

  • Click More button and choose Run Anyway

  • I’ll look into this.

  • I have noted this down and will soon post it

  • Thanks for comment.

  • Why you need to burn on Disk? Use USB. Copy the iso to usb and use ultraiso to mount this virtually

  • Awesome work! Is it possible to get Macdriver 9 Pro or better uploaded? Would be much appreciated… Much Love

  • Syed Jilanee

    Dear Afridi I want MS Office 365 could you pls tell me which link is ok.

  • Syed Jilanee

    now I just download Office 2016 pro let see

  • Where will be files hosted? Send me an email at contact at getintopc dot com

  • Cynthia Mora

    Your posted a tutorial for Mac OSX Capitan

    Everyone is wondering about the default password you used for admin account. I’m also facing same problem.
    please write the password on the tutorial page in comments at least and also let me know.
    I cannot install anything without supplying password you set.

  • Google Drive doesn’t give unlimited bandwidth quota.
    Storage is not an issue. Bandwidth is the problem

  • There are plenty of tutorials on youtube

  • Vidya Sagar

    Can u please Upload Latest Version of Matlab’17 ..?have been looking for months for now………

  • Bala

    All in one A to z Windows xp to windows 10 iso download file sent for link madam …

  • amazing

    construct 2 professional(commercial) version?

  • Sheraz

    Hello Mam’ Can you tell me how i can make a free website…….????


    Hello Fatema ,
    How will i botteble pendrive , windows password reset ? Power iso & Ultra iso, dont work.
    please help me.please.

  • amazing

    3D Xchange for Iclone isnt available in the resources. any help regarding this tool?

  • amazing

    i downloaded iclone pro 6 from “getintopc” and wanted to have “3DXchange 6” as well but coudnt find on site so went to reallusion to get the trial version but while installation it says “you have older version of iclone 6…. 🙁
    any solution(3DXchange 6 avlbl on for this query????

  • I’m sure there must be an option in Settings.

  • S.Islam

    Hello Fatima.I already posted a problem about acrobat professional dc v15.16 multilingual iso.I didn’t get any reply so I am troubling u here. adobe tells me sign in.And so I can’t use acrobat anymore. I will be grateful if you could help me out.

  • girish kumar

    Hi Dear Fatima

    I like your site and appreciate your work too thanks for this. Dear fatima can u upload the two games named that “battlefiled 4 & Medal of honor

    Thanks u Fatime

  • you are right

  • Do you have directx installed?

  • Random Jtn

    Hey I would like to ask that could you upload the newest version of the lightroom or any what supports canon CR2 raw files? 🙂

    Thank you

  • Rahat Zone

    Hi Fatima
    Thanks for the site. All softwares we get here.
    Dear I need some simulators as mentioned below

    I hope you will get them here soon


  • Rahat Zone

    Fatima this is my 3rd post dear.
    I need softwares as below
    Vivo Sense


  • Yes you can. But point your download to my post page

  • Use IDM to download files

  • Thanks for promoting on your page

    • Rahat Zone

      Can I have your email id.

  • Alii

    Hello sorry to bother is there any way you are going to post wordpress stuff here? like plugins and themes?
    ps. awesome site and content! keep going!

    • Thanks for suggestion. I want to keep it dedicated for softwares

  • MR. Zizo

    can i play online in modern warfare remastered???

  • Random Jtn

    Thank you for uploading the newest version of lightroom 🙂

  • Abrarulhaq

    Please help me when I install it winrar say unexpected end of archive
    What to do

    • Your file is corrupted. Turn off antivirus during downloading and use IDM to download

      • Abrarulhaq

        Thanks for reply your work really best

  • Abdullah Arslan

    hi installed the game “kung fu Panda” on my computer but in settings i cannot change the graphics for low to anything

  • Hello Fatima and good morning, can I have a help from you. I would like to Download original windows 8.1 32/64 bit french edition. So give me a link for it, if it is possible of course.
    I apologize for any inconvenience caused if you’re busy.

    • I have official Eng version. But you can install language pack later on as well

  • Sorry for issue. Do you have any other version installed already which might have conflicted with it? Use IDM to download and make sure to turn off your antivirus before downloading and installing

    • عمر سويلم الذيابات

      hello Fatima
      i have a problem with gta v can u help me please

  • It is issue with your graphics card

  • R S Pal

    Hi Fathima, I just find out your website is very useful to download any kind of software which i really needed in my work. THANK U SO MUCHHHHHHHHHHHH………………………………………………………………………………………….

  • dami

    Pls after installing GTA vice city,,wen I try to play it ,it shows gta -vc .exe not found…pls wat shud I do

  • akash

    Dear Fatima Asslam o Alikum !
    i am a biggest fan of your site. i need a “windows 10 enterprise 32 bit x86″ latest update version.
    Again i want to make sure you it’s not ” windows 10 enterprise LTSB”.
    i need a “windows 10 enterprise 32 bit x86” latest update version.
    can help me to upload “”windows 10 enterprise 32 bit x86” latest update version in your site..????
    i will be benefited again from your site.
    I’m waiting for your answer.
    Thank u 🙂 🙂

  • Goce MKD

    Just download the COD blackops 2 game and i have problem with dll file. I download the dll 64 and copied in all sys and game folder the problem still exist,cannot create the dll file,any help

  • I already did


    Fatima I have one request. Can you upload The Crew on Oceanofgames? And thank you for all your job

  • Azizbek

    Have a good day every body.
    I am very appreciate on this website so helpfull for improving my knowledge.
    But I am kindly asked from admin or head of this website if it is possible could you upload 3D CAD program which is NX 10 because some of changing can not do in your website lists
    Thank you hope you will do it for your users ^-^

  • Azizbek

    Have a good day every body.
    I am very appreciate on this website so helpfull for improving my knowledge.
    But I am kindly asked from admin or head of this website if it is possible could you upload 3D CAD program which is NX 10 because some of changing can not do in your website lists
    Thank you hope you will do it for your users ^-^

  • Azizbek

    Have a good day every body.
    I am very appreciate on this website so helpfull for improving my knowledge.
    But I am kindly asked from admin or head of this website if it is possible could you upload 3D CAD program which is NX 10 because some of changing can not do in your website lists
    Thank you hope you will do it for your users ^-^

  • munir mughal

    Dear Fatima,
    Sorry to say, your site is not recently friendly after the downloads. I down loaded Win 7 Ultimate, Office 2013 and Raxio software but I was unable to install any of the software successfully even though I tried several times. Most recency, I installed Raxio 2012 Pro but it was asking me number.
    As far as Win7, it failed 3 times during the instillation even though I formatted hard drive and did a lot of trouble shouting but it did not help finally I installed 30 day free trial version from somewhere else.
    Office Professional plus 2013 (SP1, Nov 2016) even does not have setup.exe or auto run option. I am really dis-appointed. Please let me know if how I will be able to install Roxio and office 2013 or any other Ver successfully?

  • Michael Granec

    Hello I would like to request ProTools 12, Neundo 7, and the ilock for ProTools.

  • Cassandra Hays

    I tried to download Embrid and my computer blocked it saying it was unsafe. Why would it do that? Could you check to see if it is safe? Help please, and thank you!

  • Sarthak Priyadarshi

    I want to give you a software to upload (Visual Basic 2008) because it help others to make applications and it came in class 7 Syllabus Pls tell when I can upload to you

  • mohd sharuf

    sir i can download windows 7 which is 3gb how can i install it in my laptop

  • Utkarsh

    hello Fatima mam , please upload vinci 3d software

  • Can you upload Lumion 7 pro ?

  • khalid alnasser

    Hello, I have just downloaded packet tracer 6 version on my windows 10 system. I have a 4k monitor and the interface is not scaling properly for me to see and read everything on the software windows. I have tried a methd of changing the registry for the file, which was something someone has posted on youtube to fix the same problem for photoshop and other adobe software, but I found no luck with that. Any idea of what do there?! Thank you in Advanced

  • Alipt Aggarwal

    Please help me out
    I’m not able to find the instructions
    I have a long list of software which is to be download from this site
    Please guide me

  • Tushar Gupta

    hi, Actually i m searching for SIMSOLID add-in for autodesk 3Ds max can u please upload it??……

  • Lahbib Aboulmajd

    Hi Fatima
    I want to ask you a question, please
    I want to know who is the best Windows version you have
    I also want your advice I Me computer out of class
    hp Compaq 7800 E8400 7 Gb Ram 160 disk dure

    Please, I want to answer as soon as possible and thank you I’m a fan of this wonderful site
    All thanks

  • Turn off adblocking in UC while downloading

  • rohan

    Hey owners/admins. I come here to present my working version of adobe preimere CC 2017 PORTABLE. All i did to achieve this was copy the msvcp120.dll, mscvp140.dll, msvcr110.dll, msvcr120.dll and vcruntime140.dll from system32 to the main folder. (folder from this website)

  • There may be some other extension in your browser or firewall in your PC

  • That.s great. I’ll feature your video links on top of all comments. If you create more tutorials.

    • Thats Good. But Actually want to have some discussions with you like Link Placing and Future Software Videos to Put with your Page as Download server. So I have to clarify those things with you. Kindly give a mail to [email protected]. If not interested leave it.


    Please publish HOUDINI CORE In Your Web PLZZZ..

  • Thanks, Your words mean a lot to me

    • sheiksen

      fatima is there a reason i can’t reply on oceanofgames

  • immanuel

    i am in need of a cooling load calculation software?? any softwares concerning hvac(heating, ventilation and air conditioing).

  • Tucker Alfreds

    Fatima Afridi The BattleField 1 download for me is going very slow i normally get 4mbps but it says im getting 32kbps and it says it would take 15 days to download. Any help please I really want this game?

  • Thanks for reporting this issue. I have noted down this and will be in touch with Disqus Development team

    • Rocky

      Please ..I will be waiting for the solution of the problem…

  • Dung Nguyen

    Help me fix battleField 1 , i need video

  • I’ll work on your request.

  • Todd Wigington

    I have downloaded several versions of the older Mac OS’s to try and reinstall one on my older Mac 1186a Mac Pro Dual 2.66.
    After I download the files which take forever I follow the instruction on several websites on how to create a bootable USB. They say that I have to find the InstallESG.dmg file from the sharedSupport Folder. This folder does not exist in any of your downloads?

    Right-click on Install OS X Lion (this is the installer you downloaded from the Mac App Store), and select “Show Package Contents” from the pop-up menu.
    Open the Contents folder.
    Open the SharedSupport Folder. (This folder does not exist in any of your downloads?)

    Can you help me hear. I have spent 2 days trying to figure this out?

  • Rocky

    Can you please upload FIFA 17 in ocean of games website??

  • I have raised support ticket with Disqus

  • There is some bug going on. I have raised it with Disqus

  • Pleasure 🙂

  • I’ll look into this

  • Sure ofcourse. I’ve noted these

  • Very good suggestion. I’ll work on this soon

    • Ibrahim Khan

      Please let me know when you upload it……
      I will be waiting for it….

    • Ibrahim Khan

      Also please make a small video on how to install it like how you do in ocean of games..

    • Ibrahim Khan

      Also please make a small video on how to install it like how you do in ocean of games.. For the above list and also the others future uploads…

  • Which browser and download manager do you use?

  • I’m sorry comments had some technical issue. They take some time to manually approve

  • There was an overall issue in commenting system which affected multiples users comments.

    • Muhammad Asad Janjua

      Please upload Sniper Elite 4

  • Rajat Jadhav

    Will I get Enlight Photo Editor here in Get Into PC??

  • Anil Kumar

    Hi Fatima wifi sense is not turning on in windows 10 pls help me

    • Ibrahim Khan

      see the top most line in your keyboard and find the wireless signal symbol on functions keys(F1,F2,F3,………,F12) or print screen key(prtscr) then press the function key(Fn) located at last line of keyboard while holding press the button on which you find wireless signal symbol i.e, (Fn+F1 or F2 or…………or F12 or Prtscr).
      1. If you don’t know how wireless signal symbol looks search it on google images.
      2. If it won’t Works please install suitable wireless drivers for your PC.

  • Shanaya

    Hye Fatima mam… Can you please upload full offline version of Typesy 2017 fka ultimate typing.. The version found on internet is cloud based version and I live in tge area where Internet speed is very slow… The earlier version of typesy ie., ultimate typing was fine but the cloud feature in 2017 version has messed up everything due to which I can’t experience new features in this version… If you can make it offline version I’ll be highly thankful to you…..

    • Sure

      • Shanaya

        Thanks mam for positive reply… 3 days has been passed out for my request… Please post the app soon…I will share your amazing website to all of my social media freinds and family members…

      • David

        Hi Fatima, Please upload Tableau ASAP. Thanks!!!

  • zaid

    when i try to download for example microsoft project professional 2010 a notic appear telling me ” adblocker detected ” and ” we request you to whitelist our website in your adblocking plugin ”
    can you please help me and tell me how to do that ?

  • Naveed Bandesha

    Hi, Can i get Photoshop in MacOS. Any help?

  • Then you should turn off the extensions which you have added

  • I think you clicked on some ad.

  • I’ll look into this

  • Rocky

    Dear Fatima, please upload Fifa 17 and Toms Clancy ghost recon wildlands(just released) for PC in the ocean of games website…please.

  • Morris Morris

    please i need solidworks 2016 program

  • TotooNga itsback

    Hi fatima i want to request this application can you give me allwaysync

  • We are waiting for proper fix. Because without that game will not work for everyone

    • Rocky

      Okay ….Fatima, will u please upload Titanfall 2?????pls say??…….please reply to my question this time..will u upload titanfall 2 or not?

  • Jaya Rao

    Hi fatima I’m jaya Auto desk designer .plzzz upload (pls cad) full version.power line supply it’s ele.pole designer software.

  • Zukiínhàá Matxiicadòó Dodòó

    Good night Fatima, I would like to ask if you can solve a mistake that neither I nor my friends can solve, I have a Toshiba laptop, and I had to format it because it got virus, and I accidentally installed Windows 10 Pro, it happens to be good, but when I go to install the video data requirements of the installation of any game _Getintopc.com_VC ++ _ All_Redist_Packages and I want to install the requirements of vcredist_x64.exe, do not give and tell me this warning “This package I have a problem with the vcredist_x86.exe file, but I do not know what to do with it. The error, because my laptop tells me that “XINPUT1_3.dll” is not supported. Could you help me please, is that I love your site and I love playing the games you publish !!

  • Zukiínhàá Matxiicadòó Dodòó

    Good night Fatima, I would like to ask if you can solve a mistake that neither I nor my friends can solve, I have a Toshiba laptop, and I had to format it because it got virus, and I accidentally installed Windows 10 Pro, it happens to be good, but when I go to install the video data requirements of the installation of any game _Getintopc.com_VC ++ _ All_Redist_Packages and I want to install the requirements of vcredist_x64.exe, do not give and tell me this warning “This package I have a problem with the vcredist_x86.exe file, but I do not know what to do with it. The error, because my laptop tells me that “XINPUT1_3.dll” is not supported. Could you help me please, is that I love your site and I love playing the games you publish !!

  • Steven

    Hey, I have some wonderful software to suggest. What should I to next?

  • Masum Raza

    Fatima, Please upload any good POS (Point of Sale) Software for retail shop. Eagerly waiting for this.

  • Rocky

    Dear Fatima, I want to really thank u for all your sites, I specially use the ocean of games website and each and every game that I have downloaded has never disappointed me because all o them worked well….I main thing I like in ocean of games website is that it is well maintained….I know that u have uploaded call of duty infinite warfare within just after 3 to 4 days after the initial release which I quite fast..this proves ur site to be the best,,,,I really thank u for all your work…we, gamers really appreciate u my friend……I guess today (March 21) a really good game has released which is known as MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA…… Fatima can u upload mass effect Andromeda quickly as u did in call of duty infinite warfare within 3 to 4 days of initial release???????????????????…please ur reply to my comment is expected…..thank u…

  • Rambob

    Dear Fatima
    I am from a country South Africa and living in Cape Town. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your website with all the software on it. It is extremely helpful. There is nowhere i can find such a vast resource of software which is indeed helpful and useful. You are a very beautiful, intelligent and hepful lady. May you be blessed in what you are doing and trying to achieve. Do not let the internet trolls put you off on your good work with some of the bad comments i see. You are a very beautiful lady.

  • fathonah

    i downloaded the sims4 city living. the IDM tell me that the game was succesfully downloaded. i installed it just like the video installation games. but when i running the setup, there’s a problem. the setup was not finished and there’s a text “CANNOT FIND THE SPECIFIC FILE. DECOMPRESSING ERROR CODE 12” WHAT SHOULD I DO?

  • Mhammad Zreik

    heyy please we want vray 3.4 for sketchup 2017

  • dimi

    Hello, the download for Ashampoo Backup Pro 11 doesn’t work (500 internal server error) can you fix it?

    • Can you send me screenshot of that or make a small screen video and send link to contact at getintopc dot com

  • Rocky

    Dear Fatima I think a new problem has been arised in the ocean of games website …yesterday when I wanted to download a game from ocean of games website , after clicking the download button it was showing a blank page with the following written on it :-“500 internal server error” or something like that…………please kindly fix this problem Fatima….

  • LS


  • Rocky

    Fatima pls reply me ….will u upload titanfall 2 for PC in ocean of games??

  • Arman Ansari

    plzzzzzzzzzzz help

  • Arman Ansari


  • William M. Miller

    I recently downloaded your Nexus air 2 and it is burn disc image. I haven’t a clue how to extract the files to put them in my DAW.
    HELP !!;!!

  • Morris Morris

    i need DATUMIZE OBSERVER program please

  • Bishop Paul

    Fatima, i must say that you are doing a great deal based on your works in this site.

    I wish to share my problem with you and I’m hoping to get a feedback from you. I’m staying in a place where there is NO WIFI and the cost of data is very costly. So i will now suggest that your files should be uploaded in parts after zipping them.
    I wanted download the Windows 7 with March updates but i cant download it since my monthly data plan is just 3gb.

    Can you upload it in parts of 1gb each

  • Parvesh Goyal

    please upload Wondershare Dr Fone for android it is very important

  • Morris Morris

    please i need” Power Translator Personal” program

  • Satadru Halder

    Hey can u upload the latest version of Fedora OS plz

  • B S Chalam

    Dear Fatima, Greetings of the day. Please upload Mayura Draw software.

  • _AwesomeJake50_

    Hello, GetIntoPC! I don’t know where to put my request for a software, so I’m sending it on here.

    I would really love to be able to get Frame Forge for free on GetIntoPC! It’s got to be one of the best storyboard previs softwares I’ve ever used!

  • Tom Marino

    Hi Fatima, thank you so much for this incredible resource. I’ve just started a marketing business and being able to learn some of these design resources has been a blessing. Thank you for all your effort, which I’m sure is substantial.

    My Question: I am getting 403 denied on downloads. Have I been put on the naughty list? I tried changing my IP and am getting the same result.

  • I’m sorry you had to face this. Actually the server got throttled from provider

    • Sajawal Jameel

      Hello fatma pi?
      Ap thake hoon gi.
      Mujy w7 ultimate .
      Update iso file ka link cahye jo working ho please.

    • Rocky please fix the problem as quickly as u can….please…

    • Rocky

      The problem is still continuing…..i tried to download Hitman 6 from the beginning but still the low speed was there……@FatimaAfridiOfficial:disqus now u say how can i download games if i get only 50-60kbps…..Fatima please do something quickly..i beg u…please do something…your quick response is expected…

  • Eric Ruivivar

    Dear Fatima,
    I am new to your site an old man, (not that very old lol!) a novice with no source of income, but I’m looking to make a change, eager to learn new stuff, and always believed “never too late”. I am very glad to find you, to thank you, for such an amazing person and appreciate the effort and handwork you’ve done for the so many people who follows you. I will join you in FB soon… Blessed you heart and regards…

    • Thank you so much.

      • Mehedi Hasan Habib

        can u give me al link win xp sp3. Tnx

  • mhr rajon

    Dear Fatima, hope you are doing great. i am new here in this site. i would appreciate your help if you could give me a download link for ms office thank you 🙂

  • Mehedi Hasan Habib

    can u give me a link original win xp sp3?

  • Pedro Calulo

    Hi Fatima, please i need your help, i need a software to regenerate my damaged HD by fall.

  • rose

    Hi Fatima. Hope your doing ok? Can you please add cinemagraph pro ! Also the video on how to download maya and after affects are gone. Can you re-upload ?

  • Cosmo Cosmo

    (command and conquer generals zero hour)

    hey fatima ,

    hope you’re doing well

    i followed everything in the video

    when i tried to launch the game it gives me ( sorry, a serious error occured ) it just won’t launch

    and i tried to install zero hour but you didn’t provide the code of the cd for it, can you please write it for me?

    and let me know what is the reason of this error please

    thank you…

  • Saviskara Sri

    Dear all
    Please provide some books
    on Opencast and FreeSwitch

  • osama


  • Rocky

    Hello fatima…….the problem of low download speed in hitman 2016 is still there…….very low download speed (near about 100kbps), earlier when i used to downlaod games from the ocean of games website,, it gave good speeds like about 2mbps but now in case of hitman the speed drops to near about 100kbps….i cant tell u what problem it is causing with such low speeds…….please @FatimaAfridiOfficial:disqus, kindly do something please…..please do something so that we get the same download speeds as it was earlier…please…with such low speeds only a huge amount of time gets wasted but nothing gets downloaded..its miserable….kindly do something………………..this problem in Hitman is continuing since 1 week or more…..i have reported this issue as a comment earlier but still i notice no improvement in download speeds….. fatima i request again to please take necessary step quickly…..ur quick response is highly appreciated..

  • GJ Tech Co.

    Hello I have downloaded MAGIX movie edit pro 2017 but when i am trying to open SetMEPP.exe, it showing me ,’This program does not support the version of windows your computer is running.’ How to Open it Please Tell me Fast.

  • Matthew Jenner

    To Fatima Afridi:
    I just want to ask if your anyway part of the website (getiiintopc ) they seem to use your banners and links, or is it yours website, if its yours, i sorry, i think someome steal your website, if someone steal your site, i hope to let you know

    • No thats not ours. They are steeling our content

      • Matthew Madison

        I thought so. I hope you can do something about it. Just wanted to inform you of this website.

  • Hi, i want to pay to modify a download link of counter strike, contact me please.

  • Mohammad Rahman

    can i get DirectDVD Multimedia software for windows version .

  • Ashley Gilliam

    Could you please add gamemaker studio 2?

  • I would suggest you to stick with WIndows 7. 🙂
    Secondly our gaming site is

  • Mahantesh Telagar

    hey Fatima,
    What benefit will you get by uploading all these softwares for free ??
    Just curious to know ☻☺♥ 😉 …

    Thanks for such a site……
    We Love u ♥

  • sksuri

    plz upload the spring update version of premiere pro 2017

  • Austine August

    Hi, thanks a lot for your great site, I really appreciate all that you have given, Can you please upload Adobe Premier CS6 or Adobe master cc not in trail versions i you can.

  • Aslam Warsi

    renderman free download link send plz sis

  • CruiseStar

    Hi Fatima, can you please check the download of Webroot SecureAnywhere download? Its giving error as page is not working. This is for your Info. thanks & regards

    • I just checked and it is working. Which browser did you use?

  • Bsr Chaitanya

    @FatimaAfridiOfficial:disqus hello ive started downloading BATTLEFIELD 4 PC from ur website , i would like to play MULTIPLAYER either 🙂 can u please send me how to install multiplayer after installing game plz mail me – [email protected]


  • I think some firewall is causing this issue. Which browser and addons do use?

    • Roogon Sunsud

      hi fatima.i need u assistance. can u please pm me

    • babu reddy

      fatima g i downloaded ur zb rush 4r6 it was not installing will you please coparate me just show the video how to install because iam new user of lap so kindly respand regurding my problem

  • mohamed ashraf

    after i play the game watch dogs 2 … i have this problem …when i click on new game , the game get out..why??

  • Vishaldeep SIngh

    Please upload Siemen NX 11

  • Thanks for contacting us. Actually previously we posted only official trials but we were still getting lots of complains from developers to remove them. Our site got removed from google even then.

    and we were getting a lot of requests from users to provide full version tools. So we started posting full versions.

    • John John Singh

      Ok thanks for replying
      Now i won’t promote your websites to online forums
      Maybe just promote your websites to friends and those who will need it

      Cause i don’t want to get banned in all of the forums

  • jithesh kumar

    plz upload Adobe Premiere cc 2017 April update

  • Rahul martiz

    Please help whenever I start a new game or a mission the game crashes to desktop saying “Hitman 5 has stopped working”. Please help I would be ever ever grateful to you.

  • Xolane Nicholas

    Hey. I downloaded windows 10 gamers edition pro lite. When I execute the setup.exe, the error code: 0x7E comes up, it says “Could not load required file Winsetup.dll, it maybe corrupt”. I tried and tried to install but that’s the error that’s preventing installation. What do I do to fix this?
    Please reply via [email protected].
    Thank you

  • which browser do you use? Any other addons/extensions/firewall in browser which block javascript

    • Leo Hassan

      nvm its fixed…im using opera and i enabled this no ad, 3x faster thing…i figured it out and unchecked it not it works..thx

  • Gokul Kumar

    Please upload CREO 4.0

  • Steven

    I suggest a PDF convert application, All PDF Converter, what do you think about it?

  • Keith Lowe

    I bought the new Microsoft windows 8.1 license off of you and it won’t download the OS it says something went wrong trying to use the license you sent me. Can I call Microsoft and get support from them?

    • I didn’t send any thing to you personally. Someone else might have sent it

  • John Mburu Ngugi

    hello FATIMA. kindly upload for me,GT-POWER Engine Simulation Software..I will really apreciate…or any other engine combustion simulation software. thank you very much



  • Lucky Muley

    respected fatima mam, i very thankfull to you and I also need some softwares whenever u will reply me i’ll describe their names and I have some other rated games I want you 2 upload it

  • Ray Wardle

    how do I instal an .mxdl file



  • Saiful Islam Roni

    can you please upload cyberlink videostudio ultimate x10.please.please please.

  • Sajid Anis

    Hey Fatima Can you please upload vmware workstation pro for linux(debian).

  • Hi Fatima! can you please upload tutorials of how to make cool websites like yours. 🙂

  • Anik

    Hi, I’m a regular visitor of this site. recently I’ve got a problem. I can not find this comment section (disqus) from my firefox browser. am I banned? 🙁 please help 🙁 thanks in advance.

  • Emad Samir

    Kindly I need ABBYY FineReader 14
    Thanks in advance (Y)

  • Arijit Pati


  • Nawaz Creative Team

    I heart fully thank the Getintopc team for giving the useful softwares with direct download link.. This website is the first preference in my list for checking softwares in Internet and I do suggest this website to my friends.. I take my time to appreciate your work.. Thanks again for your hardwork and dedication in providing best.. Wish you all many more success and achievements in future.. 😉

  • mujega himoonga

    hi do you have cubase 9 pro?

  • Amedan

    Hi! Salaam, please can you upload softwares like Arche ossature and eiffel from graitec france. I need it a lot. It would be very kind from you! And, sorry my english is not very correct! 🙂

  • Thamimun Ansari

    Assalamu alaikkum,

    Can you please give us OPTITEX cad software?

  • Jürgen L.

    Hello Fatima, I’ve got a question, I’m looking for “Autodesk Fusion 360”. Can you help me?. I can not find anywhere where. To an answer I am glad. Thank you

  • Jürgen L.

    Hello Fatima, I’ve got a question, I’m looking for “Autodesk Fusion
    360”. Can you help me?. I can not find anywhere where. To an answer I am
    glad. Thank you

  • Lavie

    HELLO Fatma and the team members of, I am LAVIE MWANGO JACOB From East Africa Burundi and found your website very interested, first I would like this opportunity to be given too to the Africa People, Second I found that in the file data of BUSINESS-IN-BOX it’s still uncompleted so that I want to give my hand of the rest of these unmissed file in Microsoft Word 2003 format. If you are interested of this idea of sharing the tools or files please let me know your point of view at this issue, inbox me on: [email protected].

  • Imran Jelani

    Hello Fatima Can you share me your complete website project with database. complete with empty database

  • Jyotirmoy Halder

    I’m a follower of this site.i have a question that if i use same softwares then which os gives more battery life between windows 7 ultimate or windows 10 pro?

    • Windows 7 Ultimate x64

      • Jyotirmoy Halder

        Atfirst thank you & Give me a link of best windows 7 ultimate 64 bit because there is many windows 7 os in this site.

      • Jyotirmoy Halder

        Thank you.give me a link of best windows 7 ultimate 64bit because there is many windows 7 in this site.

  • Suryansh Puri

    Plz upload windows 7 ultimate 32bit with office 2010 also

  • Ahmed Muusa Tibin

    I downloaded SAP2000V17 how can I find the standalone license

  • Nazir Ahmad

    Salam, Fatima,
    I would like to know if it’s possible to have your support regards to my issue with Microsoft Outlook 2013. I run a Kaspersky Antivirus on my computer with Maximum Security Level and in end virus run was given some Trojan detection where were included my pst file of Microsoft outlook and I deleted supposed virus, therefore when I start Microsoft outlook was unable to open and was giving option to create new profile. Also with Ctrl press was unable to see my old e-mails. so I reconfigure my pop with same setting and was unable to recover my olds e-mails deleted on Microsoft outlook. I tried with Systool Outlook recovery but still i’m unable to recover all olds e-mail Sent and received. I have e-mails since 2011 organized in folders which were disappeared. I much appreciate your support helping in recovering all my e-mails,

  • Hello, can I add my software to the website?

  • Adoration Michael

    another one please is w32dasm and hiew software

  • Abhijit Pawar Nashikkar

    I can’t download any application final process getting error 403 forbidden
    Please help me.

    • Change your browser and disable addons

  • Sharon Charette Rocheleau

    I already have Pinnacle 9 installed. Where can I buy the disc for Studio Ultimate HD v15

  • Mohammed Ali

    i have a problem with sniper ghost warrior 3 “unable to initialize steam api”
    any one can help ????

    • watch the installation video

      • Mohammed Ali

        i did exactly what in the video
        and still the same problem
        i am really sorry
        but please help me

  • arnab sarkar

    can you add gta v

  • Abinesh Sekar

    hi could u please upload fundy designer and photomechanic softwares for windows !!!!!

  • LoadKing

    How to suggest software to you Fatima?

  • jake keen

    Hello, I’m a digital painter with no budget, and my art school requires to have the program Corel Painter 2017 Edition, could you please add it. Please I’m starting my classes in the summer (Not full classes but to get me used to it) Please upload that program PLEASE

    Thank you.

  • Sure

  • Sorry server might be under some load.

  • gyan

    admin plz tell
    during installing microsoft office 2016 profestional plus an error comes i dont no why

  • Adam Zeus

    I have 100mbps internet why am i getting 3mbps while i download from this site

    • Sorry speed is limited sometimes due to heavy load. I apologize

  • Chaudhary Usman Aziz

    just testing

  • M Shahzad Bhatti

    plz sir jee windows 10 fps plz

  • daniel aldana

    i have tried downloading twice and this is as far as i get (1).zip
    0 B/s – 615 MB of 1.6 GB
    PAUSE CANCEL and yes i am running a 64 bit op and i am running windows 10

    • Use IDM Download Manager

  • abhineet ojha

    i got 404 forbidden error in the last stage of my download please help.

    • which download you are trying? Do you have any addons in your browser?

  • Devendra Verma

    we get error in after effect ! any solution pls The archive is corrupt

  • Creighton Brown

    Is it possible to get a 100% Original Adobe Master Collection 2017? Any idea if it could be found here or anywhere else? I want to test it at this stage.

  • Creighton Brown

    Does anywhere know of a FTP Repository of MS-DOS/MS-Windows/MS-Office? All in original versions? I want to use it with VMWare for offering tech support at standard rates. I did CompTIA Trade Cert PC Technician, Network Technician (Among Others). Here is good but with FTP or say P2P with originals it may be even better for us?

  • Creighton Brown

    Could this cause be benefited by offering also P2P Files which are authentic, to allow less server load and allow greater promotion for the cause without load which can be managed? Maybe with people authenticating them?

    • Actually P2P is blocked in Unis, Schools and most offices. Thats why we didn’t work on that

  • sanjay

    Hi I need swarplug3 for fl studio

  • VtechIn

    Hi Admin (Fatima),
    I am planning to start a new Tech based YouTube channel, what do I need to do if I want to show your website in my videos ?
    Do I need to have an agreement with you or I can promote your website without any restrictions ?

    Please let me know.

  • Badal Singh

    plz dowload

  • Ashish shukla

    Please give added at least one video with each software which helped understand step bye step software installation .
    Thanks for all softwares

    • Yes we are working on it

      • Ashish shukla

        Thank you sir for your reply I very happy for all this.
        And your software is very {best, amazing, and cool} and Indian language iam saying “jhakkas”??

  • gujjar mobile

    please add Elcomsoft IOS Forensics.

  • Jay Xu

    Hi, we want to put our software on your website, pls contact me on [email protected], thx in advance

    • contact us at contact at getintopc dot com

  • Admin

    I’m using microsoft edge for downloads.
    But every download failed.
    Photoshop, office etc.
    There are usually missing files.
    Is there anything wrong with my computer?
    Or do I use the wrong browser?

    • Use IDM Download Manager with chrome or firefox

  • جنة الاسماك

    can i know what we hosting you use

  • Pro version

  • We will soon post installation video for that

  • Sure

  • Which error do you face?

    • Praveen Saran

      I have been able to install the ms office thanks buddy

  • Yes I’m aware of him. But Let him do what he wants 🙂 He is stealing my content and I’m stealing content from developers. Infact we both are same. 🙂

    I forgive him for stealing my content so that software companies may forgive me 🙂

    • Joe Lunchpail

      That is such a great and practical way of looking at it. It almost comes down to: “You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch your back”…

  • Praveen Saran

    Thanks brother

  • Traps And Bass

    hi i installed the setup but its not installing when i tried than showing no permission so whats the problem whats the reason??

  • Smjazz Juztoz


    • which browser you have?

      • Smjazz Juztoz


      • Smjazz Juztoz


        • do you have any additional extensions or addons in chrome?

          • Smjazz Juztoz


          • Try to download in firefox.

  • shaan

    could u pls Upload Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
    I really Urgent…

  • Dasha Gapich

    Hi! We at Eltima Software offer great software for Windows. I would like to offer you checking some of them. Can I get your email for further discussion

  • Arjun Vijayakumar

    It would be great if you could make a win 7,8,10 ultimate and pro only 64 bit 3in 1 iso

  • Steven Strange

    This is Shane Steven from PDFConverters. I would like to ask how could I submit our software on your website, so that they could be downloaded by your users. I believe our software like All PDF Converter and PDF Forte will be popular and valuable for your readers and followers.

  • Livpreet Singh

    I need cinema 4d r19

  • Boris Bascarevic

    Hi there,

    I downloaded filmora into my PC. In order to register I need Licensed e-mail and registration code. Where can I get them?

  • Baldev Bhojani

    Sir, today I downloaded office 2010 professional Plus, while opening XL which setting should I use, -1) Use Recommended setting. 2) Install updates only. 3) Don’t make change.
    Please suggest

    With reards

  • Baldev Bhojani

    Thanks Fatima Mam, may god give you lot of strength for doing such a wonderful work.

  • Baldev Bhojani

    Today morning I downloaded Microsoft office 2010 Pro Plus, in the excel help it shows Product activation is required.
    How to o ahead please suggest.

    • Follow installation video