GetIntoPC Audience reaches to a huge audience – and they range from lay man to students to professionals to information seekers. We have daily newsletter subscribers too. Our site is estimated to reach every concerned person of software, games and PC Support Industry. Don’t hold up and advertise here.

Unique Visitors Per Month: 6 Million
Impressions / Pageloads per Month: 21 Million

Advertiser Opportunities


For Paid Reviews / Sponsored Posts send email to contact (at) getintopc [dot] com


We offers proposition for advertisers that target the software, games, tutorials, telecom and IT industry. You can advertise with us on unique proposition.


You can advertise on our site using Google Adwords ONLY.


We do not place Download button installer ads under post titles. Because this might impact our users experience. We were contacted many times by installer companies and they offered huge money. But we never placed installer ads because they install toolbars and adware in your PC. So please don’t contact us for Download button ads.

  • I just want to confirm this is not Download button ads.

  • Yeah sure, You can answer queries of other persons here.

  • Hi Wilson, sorry we can’t work with pop unders.

  • Thanks Max. We’ll contact you if we make up our mind for that. At the moment we are satisfied with Adsense only.

  • Sorry buddy. You can advertise via Google Adwords on our site.

  • Corey Feldman

    Hey Fatima. Great site. I’d love to discuss a partnership. We are on pace to do $200 million with online publishers this year. If your numbers posted above are accurate we could be doing $10,000 – $20,000 worth of business with you guys monthly. My email is [email protected] and to confirm, this is not a “Download button installer ad.”


    • Hi Corey, Thanks for email. The numbers above are old. At the moment we are having 300K impressions daily and 100K unique visitors daily.

      • Corey Feldman

        That’s fine. You guys still qualify for partnership. Why don’t you email me and we can discuss specifics?


  • Thanks Steve. Please share site to all of your friends.

  • I’m sorry but this sort of stuff is not permitted. I really apologize.

  • Most welcome. Please share it with all of your friends.

  • There are several video mixing tools posted in site. Look into video editing tools.

  • Previously I used godaddy ultimate hosting but that couldn’t handle load and gave performance issues. So Now I have got dedicate server from unmetered

  • Use W3 Total Cache or W3 Super Cache. Also try to Tune Database. There is a plugin for that but I forgot its name.
    Thirdly there is also a plugin Async JS and CSS which is also good.

  • Okay I have noted your requirements.

  • I’m sorry but installers harm user experience.

  • But those installers silently install adware programs like toolbars and browser extensions. Which later slow down users PC.

  • Thank you for message. Actually the point is some users are beginners and don’t know what to choose. But in the end their pc is harmed with installers. So I don’t want to risk user experience.

  • Yes ofcourse.

  • Do provide the original reference at bottom.

  • nauman

    Hello! My name is Nauman, and I am looking to add value to your website through our unique native advertisement. Please reply me at [email protected] for a candid discussion.

  • We are a big team

  • cicilai2008

    Hi! I wonder if I have any chance to submit my software to this site. I can’t find any submit button on the webpage. Thanks in advance.

  • There are some pages on which there are ads. I haven’t placed on all of pages due to compliance issues

  • hlo what is great offer
    can you explan

  • Deepak Ginni

    Very useful to every net user

  • Good job mate!

  • Kristjan Lumi

    Hello, can you download ITS PLC ? It would be helpful 4me.

  • There is an installation video guide on that. Can you please have a look

  • Raj Mridha

    this sits is a vary helpful

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